ETHS ID Card Information

  • ETHS requires that all students have a photo ID as part of their student record. Students are required to have an ID photo on file in order to participate in in-person experiences at ETHS. Below are directions to update your student’s ID photo remotely.

    Here’s an example of what Willie the Wildkit’s ID photo would look like and two examples of photos that will not work for Willie’s ID photo.

    ID Photo Image Placement Samples

    Taking a Good ID Photo

    For the best results, look directly at the camera lens and make sure that both the top and bottom of your head are visible (including hair).

    Because eyes are one of the face’s most defining features, keep them open. No fashion head coverings, hats, or sunglasses. Head coverings for religious or medical reasons are permissible.

    If you choose a photo from your album, avoid using any photos that have been edited with any filters that may change the way you look (examples: black and white, sepia, any Snapchat filter, etc.) Also, keep in mind that you are supposed to be the primary focus of your ID so do not upload a photo with multiple people in it or with a distracting background. 

    How to Upload Your ID Photo

    Here are the basic steps for uploading your student's photo online. The place to upload the photo is Section 4, the Documents section, of the Update Registration form. 

    1. Log in to Home Access Center using the parent/guardian user name and password.
    2. Navigate to Registration > Update Registration, and click the New Form link.
    3. Submit any needed changes in the following sections, or just click Save at the bottom of each section before moving on by clicking Next Section:
      • Section 1: Student Information section. 
      • Section 2: Student Address and Phone section. 
      • Section 3: Parent/Guardian Contact section. 
      • Section 4: Documents section. This is where you upload the required Student photo. 

        1. Click the “Click here to upload new file” link.
        2. Choose your file, and click Upload. You’ll see an “Upload successful” message.
        3. Click Close.

    Finally, at the bottom of the page, click I Agree and Submit.

    Parents/guardians who need assistance with Home Access Center, including getting an account set up, can contact the Home Access Help Desk 847-424-7121 or email


  • Questions About Student IDs
    ID Center
    Room W103
    (847) 424-7316
    ID Center Specialist
    Denise Johnson

ID Center Hours

  • Regular School Year
    Monday - Friday

    Summer Hours
    Monday - Thursday
    (Closed Fridays)