Volunteer Athletic Coaches at ETHS

  • Evanston Township High School (ETHS) District 202 welcomes and values volunteer participation in our school. The following information will help you determine the type of clearance you will need to become a volunteer athletic coach at ETHS.

    Board Policy 4:175 requires volunteers who will "have direct, daily contact with one or more children" to complete a fingerprint-based criminal history records information check and screening to obtain background clearances prior to commencing services as a volunteer in the school district.

    To ensure the safety of our students, all volunteer athletic coaches are required to complete the screening process which includes submitting to a fingerprint-based criminal background check and to complete all required volunteer forms. Athletic volunteer coaches must clear the  background check initiated by the school district and submit completed volunteer forms before beginning their volunteer service.

    To become a volunteer athletic coach at ETHS, please complete the following steps (if you are interested in becoming a volunteer in other capacities, visit this page):

    • If you are interested in volunteering as an athletic coach at ETHS, contact the head coach of the specific sports program that you are interested in or the Athletics Office directly at 847-424-7370 to obtain information regarding volunteer opportunities that may be available. The head coach will meet with and interview candidates.

    • Once a volunteer athletic coach candidate has been interviewed and deemed qualified for the position, the Director of Athletics or designee will provide Human Resources with the candidate's contact information (email address) to request that a volunteer packet be emailed to the candidate.

    • Upon receipt of the potential volunteer candidate’s contact information, the Human Resources department will email the candidate the link to access the District’s volunteer forms and instructions on how to complete the fingerprint-based background check. There are no fees to applicants for this service.

    • Once the potential volunteer athletic coach has completed their background check, they must email or drop off a copy of their background check receipt to the Human Resources department (H113). The candidate also must complete, sign, and return all volunteer forms to Human Resources.

    • Human Resources will notify both the potential volunteer coach and the Athletic Director or designee via email when the volunteer background clearance has been received and volunteer forms submitted to Human Resources. Once the potential volunteer athletic coach has been cleared by Human Resources, a brief meeting will be scheduled with the Director of Athletics. The volunteer is approved to begin their volunteer service at ETHS upon receipt of this email.

    • Volunteers are required to re-register with the Athletics Department each school year that they volunteer. Former volunteers wishing to resume their volunteer service at ETHS and whose background clearances are more than 3 years old must obtain new clearances.

    All volunteers shall abide by the applicable District policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, all sign-in and identification procedures and the confidentiality, safety, mandated reporting and harassment policies. Volunteers are also expected to attend any applicable training sessions as a condition to serve. For liability reasons, volunteers are expected to make alternate plans for the care of family members who are not current ETHS students. They are not to accompany volunteers in their volunteer capacity. Doing so will void their volunteer athletic coach status and they will no longer be able to serve as a volunteer athletic coach.