Catering Guidelines

  • Terrace Dining Room Events: All events held in the Terrace Dining Room MUST be catered fully by Westend Catering services at ETHS. If you choose to hold a potluck-style meal or are receiving food from outside of the district, another room must be reserved.

    Private Group Events: Invites were sent out to specific guests (public not involved)

    Any private events restricted to private groups, (club meetings, staff potlucks, parent group meetings) are exempt and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Evanston Department of Health and Human Services. No Temporary Food Permit is needed.

    Public Temporary Event: Public is invited or tickets were sold to the public

    These events MUST obtain a Temporary Event Food Permit from the City of Evanston Health Department or have an approved food source make the food- an approved source is defined as any place that is inspected, including ETHS Westend Catering services. Food made from home intended for public consumption is not permitted at a public event as a private home is not licensed, permitted, or inspected by a regulatory authority.



  • Westend Catering Services
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