Sophomore Honor Society

  • The Sophomore Honor Society recognizes scholarship, leadership, and character of service during a student's second year at Evanston Township High School.

    Eligibility Requirements
    Candidates make 1st-semester and 3rd-quarter honor roll, obtain recommendations from one current staff member, have participated in an extracurricular activity, and complete 10 hours of community service. Violation of school rules may result in denial of admission.

    Procedure for Joining
    All sophomores who are on the honor roll at the end of first semester of sophomore year will be invited to become candidates for the ETHS Sophomore Honor Society. These students and their families will receive an email and mailing at home in February. The envelope should contain additional information about the Sophomore Honor Society. The verification form that indicates completion of community service hours, participation in an extracurricular activity and teacher recommendation will all be google forms linked in the emai. The verification form must be submitted online by the date indicated at the bottom of the verification form, usually in April.

    Once the sponsor has received the verification form and determined that the student is on the 3rd quarter honor roll, an invitation to the May induction ceremony will be emailed & mailed home to the sophomore student and parent/guardian.