• The Purchasing staff in the Business Services department are responsible for ensuring that the procurement operation of ETHS District 202 are performed effectively, efficiently and with the utmost accountability by ensuring transparency in use of public funds.

    Purchasing staff work with ETHS staff and vendors to secure quality commodity goods, finished products and services at lowest price to support the educational process for the District. This range of needs includes, but is not limited to, office supplies, school buses, paper products, food items, pest control, technology items, sports equipment, band instruments, outsourced services, custodial supplies and much more.

Purchasing Forms




    1. Purchase Order No. and Dept. must appear on all packages, Bills of Lading, invoices, shipping papers and correspondence. Orders must be invoiced and packed separately.
    2. Invoice in Duplicate for each Purchase Order.
    3.  We do not pay C.O.D. charges of any kind. All shipping charges must be prepaid.
    4.  This Purchase Order may be cancelled if not shipped within 60 days from date of order, unless otherwise instructed.
    5.  Ship least expensive way, unless otherwise indicated on order.
    6.  Evanston Township High School District 202 is exempt from all federal, state and local taxes. Tax Exempt I.D. #: E-9997-7265-07.
    7.  By reference, the Equal Employment Opportunity Clause of Article VI of the Rules and Regulations of the Department of Human Rights of the State of Illinois is included as a material term of this Contract.
    8.  Regarding toxic substances as defined by the Illinois Department of Labor: Suppliers must provide a Material Safety Data Sheet, as prescribed by the Illinois Department of Labor. This will be done for every shipment and will be done in accordance with the Illinois Toxic Substance Act No. 83-240.
    9.  Suppliers certify that merchandise supplied to Evanston Township High School District 202 meets or exceeds both the Illinois Life Safety Code and OSHA regulations, unless the Director of Operations is otherwise notified in writing by certified mail.
    10.  The Purchase Order form when properly signed and bearing a valid order number is the only form recognized by Evanston Township High School District 202 for charging or ordering merchandise. The terms stated herein constitute the entire agreement between Evanston Township High School District 202 and the seller. This purchase order supersedes all previous communications and negotiations. No terms stated by the seller in acceptance or acknowledgement of this order shall be binding upon Evanston township High School district 202 unless accepted in writing by the Purchasing Office.
    11.  Pursuant to Section 33E-11 of the Illinois Criminal Code of 1961; Public Act 85-1295 (SB2002) as amended, the undersigned contractor/vendor hereby certifies that the contractor/vendor nor any of the contractor/vendor’s partners, officers or owners of the contractor/vendor’s business has been convicted within the past (5) years of the offense of bid rigging as defined in Section 33E-3 of the Illinois Criminal Code. Further, the contractor/vendor’s also certifies that neither the contractor/vendor nor any of the contractor/vendor’s partners, officers or owners of the contractor/vendor’s business has ever been convicted of the offense of bid rotating under Section 33E-4 of the Illinois Criminal Code Act 85-1295 (SB2002) of the Criminal Code of 1961.The contractor/vendor agrees to abide by all requirements of the Illinois Criminal Code, Paragraph 33E-9, in relation to change orders which shall increase or decrease the cost by $10,000 or more or the time of completion thirty (30) days or more of any contract executed with the District. The form for change orders to be utilized by the Board of Education shall be in accordance with form on file with the District.
    12.  All Contracts for Work herein are subject to the provisions of Chapter 48, Sections 39s-1 through 39s-12, Illinois Revised Statues, providing for the payment of the prevailing rate of wage to all laborers, workmen and mechanics engaged on the work. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for maintaining accurate records as required by statute and shall be solely liable for paying the difference between prevailing wages and wages as indicated in Section 39s-11.


  • Supervisor of Accounts Payable and Purchasing
    Felicia Stanley
    (847) 424-7313
    Office Location H114 Building Map

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