Student Fees Overview

  • Student fees are approved by the Board of Education and support the education of students in District 202. The revenue generated by fees allows the District to continue funding programs in spite of reduced support at the state and federal levels. Every effort is made to balance each fee against the goals and objectives of the District. Fee waivers are granted on a yearly basis to those families who qualify for the Household Incentive program. Additional fees may be assessed during the school year for field trips and special programs. Optional fees, replacement fees, and service fees do not qualify for fee waivers.

    Additional fees may be charged during the school year for field trips and special programs. Fees may also be charged at various levels to help pay for school-related programs and services. These fees may or may not qualify for waivers or reductions. Student fee balances must be paid in full each year, regardless of whether a student attends ETHS on campus, or is part of off-campus placement.

    For a list of this year's student fees, view the Current Student Fee Amounts page. For more information about student fees, balance inquiries, fee waivers, and payment options, please contact Student Accounts at (847) 424-7110.

    Parents/guardians and students may view their account balance at any time by logging in to their myETHS account.

    Explanation of Fees

    Supplemental Materials and School Administrative Fees These materials enhance the educational program by providing handouts, classroom supplies, and instructional resource textbooks used by the classroom teacher. They include, but are not limited to, the materials and administrative costs of the Media Center, East Library, Central Library, and the Duplicating Center.

    Student Accident Insurance The District has purchased Student Accident Insurance Coverage on behalf of every student at ETHS. This is not a primary coverage policy. This insurance provides supplemental coverage for students for any injuries incurred while participating in any school-sponsored and/or supervised activity, including athletics. These are secondary benefits and there are limitations. A brochure and claim form can be obtained from the Student Accounts Office, H110. 

    In addition to the school-sponsored coverage provided by the District on your student’s behalf, the program administrator Zevitz, Redfield & Associates, Inc. also offers families the option to purchase 24-hour unlimited Dental/Accident coverage and 24-hour coverage that provides protection during vacations and weekends. Information outlining this optional coverage and pricing can be found online at, or by calling (847) 374-0888.

    Textbook Fee District 202 maintains the Book Distribution Center and, in conjunction with the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, maintains a selection of over 100,000 books. Textbook adoptions are done on a yearly basis. The textbook fee allows the District to maintain relevant textbooks based on the current standards and curriculum.

    Activity Fee  This fee partially funds student activity in athletics, extracurricular clubs and programs, supplemental music and art programs, and the intramurals program. Currently the District does not assess fees on these activities on an individual activity basis. 

    Technology Fee  Technology in the classroom continues to grow, counter to the reduced financial support from state and federal sources. This fee allows the District to continue putting technology in each classroom for instructional use, student use, and for administrative maintenance. Each student receives a district-issued Chromebook computer and a significant portion of the technology fee is used to support the cost of the device.

    General Fee  This fee partially funds field trips, certain graduation fees and other costs. 

    Driver Education  Students who participate in Driver Education do not pay the full cost of the program and are subsidized by a combination of reimbursements by the District and the state.

    Service Fees  These fees offset the material and administrative costs incurred by the District.

    Additional Fee Amounts (as needed)

    • Lost ID Card
    • Returned Check Fee
    • Transcripts
    • Yearbook

    Optional Fees

    • Chromebook Extended Warranties


    Students who are eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals through the Free and Reduced Priced Meal Program application process will have their full annual school fee amount automatically reduced to $25. Parents/guardians can apply for the program at any time without penalty, but fee waivers will be prorated based on the date of application submission. It is important to note that any outstanding fees from previous school years are still owed. Payment of the full annual school fees is due by the August fee payment deadline, and a late fee of $30 will be added to any payment received after the deadline.

    Refund Guidelines 

    Fees are billed on an annual basis. If a student's annual school fee amount has been paid in full, but the student is withdrawn from ETHS before the second semester, a refund for the second semester will be issued upon request by contacting Student Accounts at (847) 424-7110. No refunds will be given for a semester if a student attends all or part of that semester. If a student qualifies for a fee waiver and withdraws from ETHS at any time during the school year, the activity fee portion of the annual school fee is not refundable. No refunds will be given for optional fees, replacement fees, and service fees.