Alumni Association Grant Program

  •  Funding Guidelines

    The Alumni Association of Evanston Township High School seeks to enhance the ETHS school community by providing funds to school-related projects, programs, functions, and activities by making occasional grants to ETHS faculty and staff members. The funds should have a direct impact on students in order to enhance student life while students are enrolled at the high school. The Alumni Association does not fund grants to individuals, grants for religious or political purposes, or projects for which taxpayer dollars are intended. Past recipients of the ETHS Alumni Association Grant Program include the Basketball Program, NU Partnership Office, the Latino-Caribbean Film Project, and Poetry Week. On average, the Alumni Association has provided grants that do not exceed $1,000. However, the Board welcomes applications that exceed the average as the Board is excited to enhance the ETHS community by providing such gifts.

    Process for Applicants

    Prospective recipients should complete the Alumni Association Grant Program application form. Applications must be submitted one month prior to an Alumni Board Meeting (meeting dates below). Applicants will receive a response regarding their application within two weeks after the respective meeting. The funds will be distributed during the same school year in which the application has been approved, and funds are required to be used in the same school year in which the funds have been granted. For applications submitted and approved during the latter half of the school year between the months of May and June, the funds may be used during the first semester of the following school year. Please note that applicants may only apply for funds twice during a three-school year period, which may be consecutive or non-consecutive. Applications will be submitted to the ETHS Alumni Office (W-122). Please direct questions and concerns to David Futransky, Executive Director of Alumni Relations and OMA.   


    Within one month of receiving the grant funds, recipients are required to submit a brief summary of their project achievements to include photos (if applicable). Furthermore, The Board asks all recipients to make "mention" of the ETHS Alumni Association as an advocate of the program supported.

    Application Submission Dates

    The ETHS Alumni Association Board meets on the second Monday of every other month. As previously stated, grant applications must be submitted one month prior to an Alumni Board Meeting. Refer to the meeting dates below by which grant applications must be submitted for consideration.

    Alumni Board Meeting Dates: 11/6/23, 2/5/24, 5/20/24