Interpretation & Translation Services

  • An estimated 15% of Evanston Township High School students come from families in which English is not the first language. ETHS families communicate in dozens of languages other than English, including Spanish, Haitian Creole, Tagalog, Chinese, French, Italian, Arabic, Patois, Russian, and Yoruba.

    Interpretation & Translation Services

    ETHS is committed to ensuring that all parents/guardians have equitable access to school programs, social and academic services, and school-related materials by providing trained interpreters and translators. The Latino Liaison/Minority Languages Coordinator oversees the district’s language interpretation (verbal) and translation (written) services to communicate critical information to parents/guardians about their child’s education. This includes interpretation services for residency and school registration, academic program registration, Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, conferences, attendance, discipline or safety concerns, and certain school-wide events as well as translation of essential school documents.

    Translator and interpreter services for parents and guardians who speak a language other than English will be provided, as requested. Any parent or guardian who needs translation and interpreting services in any language should contact the Latino Liaison/Minority Languages Coordinator at 847-424-7166. 

    Tenemos servicios de traductores e intérpretes gratuitos para ayudar a los padres o tutores a asegurar su acceso a programas de la escuela, información académica y servicios sociales. Padres o tutores que necesiten servicios de traducción o interpretación en cualquier idioma, deben llamar por teléfono al Coordinador del Enlace Latino/Idiomas Minoritarios de ETHS al 847-424-7166.