Enterprise Applications

  • The Enterprise Applications (formerly known as Information Services) team operates as part of the Instructional and Informational Technology (IIT) department. We are responsible for evaluating, implementing, maintaining, and supporting district-wide enterprise applications and data in the areas of student information, financial information, HR information, and communications. Our work includes:

    • training for teachers and other school staff on the use of enterprise applications
    • providing custom reporting on enterprise application data
    • creating and maintaining the school course schedule for teachers and students
    • creating custom web-based applications to meet specific school-based needs
    • creating and maintaining interfaces between enterprise applications and dozens of third-party applications, including providing data to ISBE for required state reports

    Key contacts for Enterprise Applications are these:

  • IT Enterprise Applications

    Supporting Staff

    • Application Interfaces

    Ninan Mathew

    • Cognos Reporting (eSchool and eFinance)

    Rosti Ilinskiy and Midge Stocker

    • eFinancePlus Application and Database

    Ninan Mathew and Rosti Ilinskiy

    • eSchoolPlus Application

    Midge Stocker and Peter Naughton

    • eSchoolPlus Database

    Ninan Mathew and Midge Stocker

    • ETHS Custom Applications, including 1:1 Device Management, AM Support Tracker, AP Testing, BDC, Community Service, Course Change Request Workflow, Detention Reports, Honors Credit Reports, Junior Description Forms (JDF), Make-Up Testing Center, Scanning Center, ETHS Scholarships, Staff Directory, Student Accounts, Tardy Tracker, Teacher Applications, and Testing Accommodations

    Ninan Mathew and Nura Hachim

    • ETHS public website, intranet (Staff Hub), and Wufoo forms

    Midge Stocker and Nura Hachim

    • ETHS Teacher Applications

    Ninan Mathew and Nura Hachim

    • Home Access Center (HAC)

    Peter Naughton and Midge Stocker

    • myETHS, including including AM Support Tracker, Athletic Registration, Community Service Reports, Detention Reports, Discipline Reports, Drivers Education, ETHS Scholarships, Lockers, Prom Registration, Progress Toward Honors Credit Reports, Property Tracking, Make-Up Testing Center, Student Polling, Study Center Reports, and Testing Accommodations
    Ninan Mathew and Nura Hachim
    • Parent Teacher Conference Registration

    Peter Naughton and Midge Stocker

    • SchoolMessenger
    Ninan Mathew and Midge Stocker
    • State Reporting of Student Information System Data

    Peter Naughton and Midge Stocker

    • Teacher Access Center (TAC)

    Peter Naughton and Midge Stocker

    • WinSmart (SNAP)

    Ninan Mathew