General Attendance Procedures

    • Each school day counts as a day of instruction, including Mondays for asynchronous learning and accessing supports and activities without live learning. Students are expected to be engaged in learning every school day.
    • Teachers should take attendance at the time of their class period. Members of the school staff will be reaching out to students daily about engagement in school, so accurate, timely attendance is critical to those support efforts. We want to make sure every student is supported to be successful during Enhanced E-Learning.
    • Teachers will take attendance in TAC for the days of the week their classes meet based on the live learning schedule.
      • Tuesdays & Thursdays for periods 1-5
      • Wednesdays & Fridays for periods 0, 6-9
    • Teachers will not take attendance for Mondays.
    • When taking attendance, teachers will see that the default attendance in TAC is present. Teachers will actively mark students absent or tardy.
    • Teachers can use the attendance views and reports in TAC to see attendance trends.
    • Teachers can correct attendance errors or update attendance within 2 days, consistent with the language in the faculty handbook.

Leaving Early/Arriving Late in Hybrid In-Person or E-learning

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Students who must arrive late or leave early for hybrid in-person instruction should utilize e-learning instruction that day.

    1. Call the Student Attendance Line at (847) 424-7800 by 8:00am the day of the departure or the evening before for partial-day absences.  Parent or guardian must state:

      • The student’s name and ID number 
      • The date(s) of the absence and period(s) to be missed 
      • The time of departure
      • If student is returning to class that day, they will be returning to e-learning; indicate time of planned return to e-learning.
      • Reason for the absence
      • Parent/guardian name  

    2. Provide documentation to the Deans’ Office (H109) within 30 days of the absence (including doctor’s notes, court documents, proof of voting, funerals, etc.)

    Illness During School Hours while in Hybrid In-Person 

    Please see the Health Services/Nurses office page of the Reopening Plan for information and guidelines.


Last Modified on March 5, 2021