ETHS New Student School Supply List

  • The following list of supplies is recommended for new students at Evanston Township High School (ETHS). Teachers inform students during the first few days of class if additional supplies are required.


    • Backpack or book bag with a laptop sleeve
    • Pens - blue or black
    • #2 Pencils –or– mechanical pencils
    • Colored pencils - pack of 12 or more colors
    • Highlighters
    • Erasers
    • Notebook paper
    • Graph paper
    • Ruler: 6” or 12” – Metric and English
    • Calculator

    OPTIONAL SUPPLIES: (Not required, but helpful)

    • Pocket folders and/or a three-ring binder
    • Small container of hand sanitizer
    • Pocket tissues


    Pre-Algebra, 1 Algebra,  Geometry and Elementary College Algebra – basic scientific calculator

    2 Algebra and above – TI 84+ (Preferred) or TI-83+* graphing calculator * Other graphing calculators will work but most instruction is conducted with a TI–84+/TI-83+. Graphing calculators cost approximately $100. Students who qualify for free/reduced price meals can contact the Math Department to rent a calculator.


    Physical Education (PE) uniforms and gym shoes (see The Pilot handbook for details).

    Freshman and transfer students will receive a physical education uniform and one Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) band during the first week of classes. In addition, all incoming and transfer female students will be issued one high-security lock. The uniform, HRM band, and lock are included in the annual school fee. The PE uniform is required for freshman and sophomore PE. Junior and senior students are allowed to wear either their PE uniform or appropriate athletic clothing. Transfer students may pick up a uniform and lock from the PE Office (G115). The HRM band, lock, and uniform is expected to last the entire high school career. All students can purchase additional or replacement uniforms during school hours in the PE Office (G115) or online at the ETHS Web Store. No refunds available.

    Gym shoes – Students enrolled in PE classes will need athletic gym shoes in order to participate each day. Many families choose to purchase an inexpensive pair of gym shoes that can be left in the student’s PE locker.

    Swimsuit – All students will have a swimming unit in PE at some point during the school year. Students must purchase their own swimsuit. ETHS does not sell swimsuits. Towels will be supplied, but students are encouraged to bring their own.

    ChromeBook- All PE classes use ETHS-issued Chromebooks throughout their PE lessons. Students are responsible for bringing a charged Chromebook to their PE class when necessary.