Facility Upgrades 2023-24

A number of facility renovations took place throughout the ETHS campus during the summer, from structural work to technical upgrades. 




Auditorium, as viewed from back of space


The HVAC system in the ETHS auditorium was upgraded to meet current standards. The new system is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and it will improve temperature, air flow and air quality. This will reduce energy consumption and costs for the District. The auditorium upgrade qualifies for a ComEd rebate incentive because of the energy efficiency achieved.

Gym Wing

A classroom and flex room were added as part of the Girls PE locker room renovation. An HVAC upgrade was also completed to meet the additional air conditioning needs from the spaces. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's) will ensure energy efficiency all while maintaining the proper temperature control. This project also qualified for ComEd energy efficiency rebates.


Bike Compound


Bike Rack outside of Beardsley Gym

ETHS has portable bike racks located outside the Beardsley Gym entrance. We are exploring other options based on student and staff feedback.


How can I invest in the student experience at ETHS?

Each year, the ETHS Foundation supports all Wildkits through the creation of extraordinary spaces and educational opportunities that help students reach their fullest potential and discover their next step after graduation. These enhancements would not be possible without the generous gifts of ETHS families, alumni, faculty and the Evanston community. Since the Foundation’s inception, ETHS has received $11.1M in support of dynamic learning spaces, innovative curriculum, increased work-based learning experiences, and projects that meet the evolving needs of today’s Wildkits. Find out about the Foundation’s current projects and how you can be a part of student success!