Facility Upgrades 2019-20

A number of facility renovations took place throughout the ETHS campus during the summer, from window replacements to Gym Wing renovations. We are also excited that the ETHS Day School opened its doors and held its first classes during the summer of 2019.


 ETHS Day School room


Exterior Signage Project 

The exterior phase of the ETHS Signage and Wayfinding project kicked off during the summer of 2019 and will be completed in the fall. The system of signs installed around the school’s 62-acre campus will help guide visitors to outdoor facilities and key destinations as they approach and navigate around ETHS. Regulatory signage is also part of the comprehensive sign system. 


Exterior signage is designed to work cohesively with the interior sign system. Funds for the project are issued from the Capital Improvements Fund which must be used for improvements to school facilities and infrastructure.


 Exterior Signage Front

 Wayfinding signage on the ETHS campus


Lazier Field  

The artificial turf at the high school’s football field was replaced in June 2019. As a result of the resurfacing project at Lazier Field, maintenance will be more efficient to help ensure that the field is kept in top condition for ETHS athletes.


Lazier Field resurface

An up-close look at the new turf on Lazier Field



Literacy Lab (NEW!)

The Literacy Lab, located in A237, is a referral-based intervention designed to help promote growth in literacy and provide literacy intervention for students who will benefit from additional reading support. Through data collected from observations and reading assessments, students will be instructed by a team of specially trained reading teachers whose goal is to increase the trajectory of students’ success through small group and one-to-one literacy instruction.



Michael B. Arrington Wellness & Performance Center (NEW!)

As part of a funding initiative of the ETHS Foundation, the new Michael B. Arrington Wellness & Performance Center will serve ETHS students with varied physical abilities, including a wide range of strength, size, and biomechanical differences. Named in honor of the ETHS alumnus and donor who pledged support to renovate the facility, the center features an open floor plan and will feature modern, adaptable cardio equipment and training stations.


Michael B. Arrington Wellness & Performance Center

Rendering of the new Michael B. Arrington Wellness & Performance Center



Physical Education (PE) Locker Rooms

ETHS kicked off a multi-phase renovation project to upgrade the school’s locker room facilities. This summer, ETHS renovated Locker Room 3 and replaced PE lockers for students who identify as male. The redesigned space features larger locker sizes, a central walkway for improved supervision, and single user stalls for changing and showering. With the revised layout of the locker room facilities, ETHS will be able to add two new classrooms and one new storage room in the PE wing next summer. The renovation also improves access to Entrance 3 and the Gym Wing for students, staff, and visitors.

Section 7 of The Pilot handbook outlines the locker assignment process and locker room guidelines. Please contact the PE & Wellness Department for questions or more information.



Upstairs Theatre

The rehearsal space adjacent to the ETHS Upstairs Theatre is under renovation, with completion scheduled in the fall. With support from the ETHS Foundation, the new studio space will have improved lighting and flooring, as well as increased storage for costumes and accessories. Equipment and technology enhancements will provide a flexible learning environment that is accessible, functional, and safe for ETHS theater students. The rehearsal space will meet a wide range of curriculum needs and changes throughout the school year.


Upstairs Theatre Rendering
Rendering of renovated rehearsal space in ETHS Upstairs Theatre