Principal's Top 5 Things to Know

To help reconnect with each other and make the most of every school day, please review the Back-to-School Information Guide and take a look at Dr. Kinzie’s Top Five Things to Know for the 2023-24 school year.  The questions at the end of each section may also be useful in your conversations throughout the year. 


Circle 1 Showing up every day with resilience 


ETHS students and staff show resilience in so many ways. This does not happen in isolation. We recognize that building resilience is something we must do together as a community each and every school day. When Wildkits come together in classrooms, cafeterias, and hallways and when they are involved in clubs, sports, and activities they learn to build community and find their inner strengths. And together we learn to face adversity and become stronger so we can boost our resilience and be empowered to overcome challenges.


How will your resilience guide you in the decisions you make this year?


Circle 2 Building a restorative community 


The relationships we build at ETHS are at the core of our restorative practices. We recognize that we must repair those relationships when harm happens. This means we must work even harder to help students understand the consequences of their actions and why rules exist to support accountability in our school community.  Students, families, and staff all play a role in building a restorative community and setting expectations about problem-solving.

How will you build meaningful and respectful relationships at ETHS, and how will you heal relationships when difficulties or harm occur?


Circle 3 Strengthening our school culture 


Resilience and restorative practice directly affect the school culture at ETHS. We will not get it right every time, but if we consistently work to understand each other and build a positive atmosphere, students and staff will thrive. ETHS works to identify opportunities to continuously improve our school culture by being inclusive and responsive.  We also continue to practice Acknowledge, Care, Tell to help us maintain a safe, positive learning environment.


How will you help promote a positive and healthy school culture at ETHS?


Circle 4 Enhancing instruction and learning 


ETHS supports a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. We recognize that Wildkits will take different paths after high school and they will use their gifts and talents in their journey to achieve their life goals. Students will have many resources to help them explore options and set goals. SchooLinks in particular is a tool that gives ETHS staff important information about students’ aspirations to support every Wildkit in developing a viable post high school plan. This year, you will also be hearing about an exciting new Arts and Innovation Department that will strengthen the curriculum of both fine arts and career & technical education at ETHS. 


How will you build your academic and social skills to prepare for success after high school?


Circle 5 Grounding and reflecting to take action 


As you think back across your day, your week, or your year there will be lessons learned that help support your wellbeing and success. Taking time to be reflective is an important part of our learning environment. It helps our Wildkits be responsive to their own needs and the needs of those around them. It also guides us and grounds us so the successes can happen more often and we can avoid repeating the same mistakes.  We encourage our students and staff to self-reflect about their actions and interactions to build our collaborations and continue to be mindful of our individual and collective impact at ETHS.


What do you want to accomplish this year? How will you accomplish it?