Enterprise Applications

  • The Enterprise Applications (formerly known as Information Services) team operates as part of the Instructional and Informational Technology (IIT) department. We are responsible for evaluating, implementing, maintaining, and supporting district-wide enterprise applications and data in the areas of student information, financial information, HR information, and communications. Our work includes:

    • training for teachers and other school staff on the use of enterprise applications
    • providing custom reporting on enterprise application data
    • creating and maintaining the school course schedule for teachers and students
    • creating custom web-based applications to meet specific school-based needs
    • creating and maintaining interfaces between enterprise applications and dozens of third-party applications, including providing data to ISBE for required state reports

    Key contacts for Enterprise Applications are these:

  • IT Enterprise Applications

    Supporting Staff

    • Application Interfaces

    Ninan Mathew

    • Cognos Reporting (eSchool and eFinance)

    Rosti Ilinskiy

    • eFinancePlus Application and Database

    Ninan Mathew and Rosti Ilinskiy

    • eSchoolPlus Application

    Midge Stocker and Peter Naughton

    • eSchoolPlus Database

    Ninan Mathew and Midge Stocker

    • ETHS Custom Applications, including 1:1 Device Management, AP Testing, BDC, Community Service, Course Change Request Workflow, Detention Reports, Honors Credit Reports, Junior Description Forms (JDF), Scanning Center, ETHS Scholarships, Staff Directory, Student Accounts, Teacher Applications, and Testing Accommodations

    Ninan Mathew and Leon Sandler

    • ETHS public website, intranet (Staff Hub), and Wufoo forms

    Midge Stocker and Leon Sandler

    • ETHS Teacher Applications

    Ninan Mathew and Leon Sandler

    • Home Access Center (HAC)

    Peter Naughton

    • myETHS, including including AM Support and Study Center Reports, Community Service Reports, Detention Reports, Discipline Reports, Drivers Education, ETHS Scholarships, PE Lockers, Prom Registration, Progress Toward Honors Credit Reports, Property Tracking, Student Polling, and Testing Accommodations
    Ninan Mathew and Leon Sandler
    • Parent Teacher Conference Registration

    Peter Naughton

    • RapidTrack and Detention Reporting

    Ninan Mathew

    • SchoolMessenger
    Ninan Mathew
    • State Reporting of Student Information System Data

    Peter Naughton

    • WinSmart (SNAP)
    Ninan Mathew
    • Teacher Access Center (TAC)

    Peter Naughton