Dr. John Bryson Eulenberg '60; Linguist fluent in 12 languages and developer of computer-assisted, artificial-language technology for disabled people.

Dr. Fred. H. Geisler '64; Neurosurgeon, pioneer in spinal surgery and repair, researcher, lecturer and author.

Dr. Charles Johnson '66; Award-winning author (1990 National Book Award for Middle Passage), 1998 MacArthur Foundation Fellow and university endowed chair in writing.

Pam McAllister Johnson '63; Award-winning journalist, professor/administrator and the first African-American female publisher of a US general circulation newspaper.

Dr. Alan D. Kaplan '61; Cardiologist, medical school instructor, theater owner/artistic director and youth volunteer.

Dame Libby Komaiko '67; Dancer, choreographer, founder and Executive Director of Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theatre and honored by King Juan Carlos I of Spain with the title of Dame for her work in spreading the authentic culture of Spain.

Denise Guillebeaux Martin '69; Award-winning educator, ETHS administrator and community volunteer.

David A. Mount '61; Award-winning entertainment industry leader and philanthropist.

Leonard Schaeffer '63; Innovative health-care industry administrator/CEO.

Fredric N. Tulsky '68; Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, specializing in investigative projects that focus on social injustice.

Dr. Faith Vilas '69; Chief Scientist for the NASA Planetary Data System archive, professor and renowned astronomer constantly updating logs on planets and their features.

George Weisz '69; Dedicated community leader, legislator, governors’ and Mayor’s policy adviser, police officer, investigative reporter, entrepreneur and philanthropist.