• Once each semester, ETHS devotes time for students and their parents/guardians to meet with teachers and counselors to discuss their learning experiences. Conferences with teachers are scheduled to last five (5) minutes each and must be scheduled online during the conference sign-up period following the instructions listed below. Grade-level deans, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and academic advisors are also available to meet during conferences. Please contact them directly to make an appointment. 

    Parents/guardians can request interpreter services for conferences by contacting the Latino Liaison/Minority Languages Coordinator. All requests for interpreters must be made by 3:00pm two school days prior to conferences.

    Parents/guardians may also request individual conferences with teachers or a grade-level team member anytime during the school year by calling or emailing your student's teacher and/or grade-level team member.

Conference Sign-Up

  • ETHS uses an online conference scheduling system. To sign up for conferences, parents/guardians or students can launch the online scheduling system beginning at 8:00am on the day conference sign-up begins. Online registration ends at 3:00pm on the day before conferences begin. 

    Click here to sign up for Conferences. (This page will not be active until registration is open.)

    When you launch the online conference scheduling system, use your Home Access Center (HAC) parent/guardian user name and password. (A student user name and password will not work.)

    • Video tutorials are available for using various features of Home Access Center (HAC). See HAC Instructions if you need help with HAC or viewing grades and report cards prior to conferences.

    For assistance with the online conference scheduling, contact the ETHS Help Desk at (847) 424-7121 on regular school days from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Instructions for Conference Sign-Up

    1. Open a web browser and navigate to Conference Sign-Up.
    2. Log in with your ETHS HAC parent/guardian account user name and password.*
    3. Click on Conference Schedule.
    4. Select the conference date.
    5. Select a starting time for your appointments.
    6. Select the number of minutes you want between conferences.
    7. If you have more than one student, you'll see an option to schedule all appointments for another student. Uncheck that box if you do not want to schedule with every teacher of that other student, at the same time the schedule is created for the current student.
    8. All classes will be included by default. If you don’t want to schedule time for every class, remove the checkmark by any class you don’t need/want.
    9. To have PowerPTC build your conference schedule automatically, click Build Your Schedule Now!
    10. If you are scheduling for more than one student, you can switch the active student you are scheduled for by clicking the Change Student link in the left menu and then clicking the name of the student to see the schedule created for that student.
    11. Finally, click Print Schedule to create a hard copy of your Conference schedule, Email Schedule to send a copy to your email, or Add to Calendar to add it to your calendar.

    * If using your ETHS HAC user name and password and you get a message that your login Failed, please go to Home Access Center and log in there one time, creating security questions and/or changing your password if you see those options on screen. After that, please try logging in to Conference Sign-Up again.

Need Help?

  • Tech Help for Conference Sign-Up
         Help Desk
         Mercedes Fernández
         Latino Liaison/
         Minority Languages Coordinator