Conferences: What to Expect

    • Conferences are designed to last five (5) minutes each and they are scheduled in 5-minute blocks. 
    • Please arrive on time and work with the teacher to end promptly after 5 minutes. 
    • Try to be in a quiet and private place as conferences may involve sensitive information.
    • Some additional considerations when using video conferencing for this event: 
      • Do not share Zoom links with anyone who will not be attending the conference.
      • If your student is attending the conference with you, consider inviting your student to attend on the same computer.
      • Do not share Zoom links on social media. Sharing the link can lead to Zoom-bombing and attract unwanted participants to the waiting room. 
      • Consider your background and surroundings when video conferencing.
      • Mute when you’re not talking. (Click the icon of the microphone.) Use the spacebar to quickly unmute or press the microphone button to talk. For more information on how to interact with the attendee controls (such as mute), please review the Zoom Attendee Support Article.

    Grade-level deans, counselors, social workers, and psychologists, as well as nurses are also available to meet during conferences.

  • General Information

    For Fall Conferences at ETHS, teachers will utilize Zoom as their platform for video conferences. This popular web conferencing tool is simple to use, but if you are not familiar with it, you may benefit from familiarizing yourself with the application before your scheduled conference. Please review the information below to best prepare you to attend your child’s video conference.


    Alternative Conference Methods

    If Zoom technology is not available for scheduled conferences, contact the teacher directly to make alternative arrangements. Click here to view the staff directory and locate teacher email addresses. Include the phone number to reach you and your student’s designated time slot. The teacher will call the guardian.


    Installing the Zoom Application

    Before you can participate in a Zoom conference, you will need access to the Zoom application for your device. The Zoom application is already installed on district-issued Chromebooks and will launch automatically when you try to join a Zoom call. If you choose to use another device, you will be prompted to install the application when you click on a conference link. This only takes a few moments; however, you should do this step in advance to save time during conferences. 

    Zoom apps exist for all types of devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets. The Zoom app for your device can be installed from your application store or from the web, depending on your device. For more information on installing the Zoom app for your device, please visit Zoom’s website here. Make sure to install the application on the device you plan to use for conferences.


    Attending the Zoom Conference

    You will receive an email from ETHS (from the email address with a link to access PowerPTC, our online conference portal, containing links to attend your child’s video conferences. A PDF is also attached to that email containing video links. In the event that a meeting link is changed, links will be updated in the online portal.

    • When the conference time has arrived, click on the link found in the portal or PDF to join the Zoom conference. To open the link from the PDF, you may need to download the PDF to click on the link. You may also be able to copy and paste the link from the PDF into your browser.
    • If prompted for your name, please use the following convention: Your Name (Student Name). 
    • When you enter the call, you will be placed in the teacher’s waiting room. The teacher will let you into the call when it is your turn.
    • For more information about attendee controls such as mute/unmute, changing your name, chat, etc. reference this Zoom Attendee Controls Support Article.


    Using the Waiting Room 

    ETHS Teachers will use the Waiting Room feature of Zoom as a holding place for families waiting for their conferences. This is a virtual space that shows the teacher who is waiting to enter the video call. While in the waiting room, you can test to see if your speaker and microphone are working using the link at the bottom of the window. The teacher will let you in when it is time for your conference.