Special Attendance Situations

  • Administrative Excused Absence/Field Trips

    Students will receive an administrative excused absence for attending school-sponsored field trips and athletic field trips. Parents/guardians do not need to call the Student Attendance Line to excuse such absences when their student is on the approved field-trip list. Students must make up any missed work.

    College Representative Visits (In-school)

    Juniors and seniors may miss class to attend a college representative’s visit, but must get permission from their teacher in advance. Juniors and seniors may miss one class per day and the same class only once in a calendar week (maximum eight (8) classes per semester for juniors).

    Extended Illness/Hospitalization

    If a student is to be out of school for an extended period of time due to illness or hospitalization, the student’s counselor or social worker should be contacted by the parent/guardian to request a Medical Certification Form. The form must be completed and signed by the student’s physician. Once the school has received the completed and signed form, the ETHS Home/Hospital tutor will contact the family.

    Planned Absences

    A planned absence requires that a student submit the Planned Absence Form and attach documentation as relevant in advance of the absence. The AP for Student Services will provide approval as appropriate. Parents/guardians should not call the Student Attendance Line to report planned absences.

    Residency, Immunizations, Suspensions

    A student excluded from classes because of residency problems, immunization deficiencies, or suspension will receive an Administrative Absence.


    For more information on special attendance situations, contact your counselor or the Associate Principal for Student Services.