Attendance Guidelines

  • Both students and parents have attendance responsibilities. Students are required by state law to attend school each day that school is in session. Students are expected to attend each scheduled block. Parents/guardians must notify the school when their student is absent.

    Students should remain home for the full day if they are ill or have the symptoms listed below, and parents/guardians must report their absence.  The following symptoms require absence from in-person blocks:

    • active vomiting or diarrhea
    • fever/chills/generalized body aches
    • undiagnosed, new, and/or untreated rash or skin condition (i.e., generalized hives, wound with green/yellowish drainage, etc.)
    • doctor's note requiring an individualized plan of care to stay home
    • any COVID-19 symptoms, if diagnosed with COVID-19, with or without symptoms

    Students must not miss more than an accumulation of six (6) unexcused (U) attendance violations per block per semester. Students who have six (6) or more unexcused absences in a block in one semester will receive an NC (No Credit) and they will not earn credit for that block, regardless of the grade earned in the block. Exceeding six (6) attendance violations may affect your eligibility to participate in any extracurricular activity. Students will not be penalized for absences due to illness and are expected to make up missed work.

    Extracurricular Participation
    If you are absent from school for more than half of your credit-bearing class blocks on the day of an activity, you are ineligible for any activity on that day unless the absence has been approved in writing by the Assistant Superintendent/Principal. Exceptions may be made by your coach or activity adviser:

    1) for a medical absence pre-arranged with the coach or adviser, or
    2) for a death in your family.

    If you are absent from school on a Friday before a Saturday event, you may be withheld from Saturday activities at the sole discretion of the coach or activity adviser.

    Excused Absences
    With proper documentation and valid absence reporting by a parent/guardian, a student’s absence will not count toward the six attendance violation maximum for the following reasons:

    • Personal illness or other physical disablement (should include what the doctor expects the school to do; example: medical excuse from physical education)
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Family emergencies
    • Observance of religious holidays
    • Court appearances
    • College visits
    • Certain planned absences for extenuating circumstances as approved by the Absence Reporting steps
    • Unavoidable medical-related appointments (medical appointments should be scheduled outside the school day when possible)
    • Civic Engagement: ETHS students who are absent from school for one day to engage in a civic event may receive an administrative excused absence upon receiving documentation of the civic engagement. An excused absence for civic engagement is treated like any other absence under the ETHS Attendance Guidelines. Please see the procedures for Leaving Early/Arriving Late for details.
    • Visitation with student’s parent/guardian who is on leave from active duty in the military
    • Mental Health Days: Students may utilize up to five (5) excused absences per school year from school without the need for a doctor's note. As with other absences, students will make up any missed work from their absence. If students need assistance or school-based mental health support, please seek out a social worker, psychologist or counselor.
    • Voting: ETHS students who are registered to vote may receive an administrative excused absence from school for two hours without penalty, if they choose to vote during school hours. The two-hour absence to vote in a primary, general, or special election is excused on a day in which early voting is offered or on the day of the election. An excused absence for voting is treated like any other absence under the ETHS Attendance Guidelines. Please see the procedures for Leaving Early/Arriving Late for step-by-step details. 

    All “parental” absences must be verified with proper documentation by a parent/guardian within 30 days of the student’s absence. All documentation should be submitted to the Attendance Office (S127); email or call 847-424-7800. Absences not verified with proper documentation are classified as “parental.” If proper documentation is not provided within 30 days, the absences will remain listed as “parental” (P) in our records.

    Unexcused Absences
    The following reasons will be considered unexcused:

    • Any full-day absence not reported as noted by the Absence Reporting steps
    • Any false call or report (made by someone other than your parent/guardian or other authorized adult)

    Attendance is a key component of academic success, and students are expected to arrive to each classroom on time and be prepared to learn.

    • Passing periods are five (5) minutes on Wildkit schedule days and ten (10) minutes on Blue/Orange days. A warning bell will ring at one (1) minute before the start of each block, and a final tardy bell will ring when the passing period is over. Students must be in the classroom when the final tardy bell rings to be considered on time.
    • Students who arrive after the tardy bell rings will be marked Tardy by teachers.
    • Tardy students will be assigned a Tardy. ETHS offers many opportunities for students to clear Tardies via accessing academic supports like AM Support, Academic Study Center, Wildkit Academy, and more. See ETHS Tardy Tracker Info for Students for more details.

    Make-Up Work
    For any classwork and any homework assigned/due during excused/unexcused absences, students will have twice the number of missed class blocks to turn in assignments for full credit. This applies to assignments, assessments and projects with previously announced deadlines.

Problem-solving Absences, Tardies, or Earning No Credit

  • For questions about attendance codes, contact the Attendance Office at 847-424-7800 or

    For help problem-solving unexcused absences and/or Tardies, contact your counselor  (6 or more unexcused absences in a block in one semester will result in an NC).

    Mental Health Absence: Illinois law allows for five (5) excused absences per year from school without the need for a doctor's note. As with any absence, students will make up any missed work from their absence. If you would like mental health support at ETHS, please contact your social worker for support during school hours. If a student is at home having a mental health emergency, please contact 911 or your medical provider.

Review Attendance, Grades, and Homework

  • The ETHS website has two online portals for students and parents to monitor student learning and participation: Home Access Center (HAC) and myETHS. A single user account provides access to both portals. Learn more about what you can do with these portals on the ETHS website.