ETHS 1:1 Digital Learning

  • ETHS students, parents, staff and other stakeholders participated in the development of the 1:1 digital learning initiative which provides Chromebooks for students to use during school hours as well as beyond the school day at multiple sites (for example, at a student’s home, local library, etc.). The 1:1 digital learning initiative at ETHS provides both students and teachers with more opportunities to strengthen their digital literacy skills as they access the Internet or use the many online research and learning tools already available at ETHS. Students use their computer to easily interact with teachers to ask questions, receive feedback, or connect with classmates for group projects. Teachers have the opportunity to re-imagine their classroom experiences by creating and sharing content using multiple modes of instruction.

    District 202-issued Chromebooks are distributed at Freshman & Transfer Student Orientation and through the ChromeZone (H220) during the school year. A technology fee is included as part of the annual school fee. Student families will own their issued Chromebook after four (4) years of paying the annual school fee. The student-led ChromeZone provides students and staff with technical support for their Chromebook as well as loaner devices, repairs, and charging services. All daily loaners must be returned by the end of the school day. Any damage incurred on an overdue loaner is the financial responsibility of the student to whom the device was checked out. Damaged or lost Chromebooks must be paid for before replacement Chromebooks are issued.

    The technological needs of students have been central to the efforts of the Informational and Instructional Technology (IIT) department at ETHS for years. The IIT team continually works to equip ETHS educators with an array of up-to-date media tools and devices.

    ETHS Chromebook Orientation and Agreement Online Form