How to Report Student Absences

  • To report a partial day or full-day student absence, parent/guardian must use myETHS > Records > Absence Request or call the Student Attendance Line at (847) 424-7800 (English or Spanish) on the day of the absence.

    The myETHS Absence Request and Student Attendance Line are available 24 hours a day. Parent/guardian may leave a message if they don’t speak directly with a staff member. 

    Parents/guardians have 72 hours to report a full day excused absence. This notification does not automatically excuse the absence (see Attendance Guidelines for rules on Absences and Tardies).

    For detailed instructions on using myETHS Absence Request, please refer to myETHS Absence Request User Guide for Parents/Guardians

    When calling in, the parent/guardian must state:

    • The student’s name and ID number 
    • The date(s) of the absence and time to be missed 
    • Reason for the absence
    • Parent/guardian name 
    • Their relationship to the student 

    To excuse a student in a language other than English or Spanish, call the Minority Languages Office at 847-424-7166. Para excusar a un estudiante en un idioma diferente del inglés o español, llamen a la Oficina de Idiomas Minoritarios al 847-424-7166.


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