Attendance Guidelines

  • Both students and parents have attendance responsibilities. Students are required by state law to attend school each day that school is in session. Students are expected to attend each scheduled period. Parents/guardians must notify the school when their student is absent.

    Students must not miss more than an accumulation of eight (8) attendance violations per class per semester. This includes any combination of extreme tardies (ET), parental absences (P), and unexcused (U) absences. Exceeding eight (8) attendance violations may affect your eligibility to participate in any extracurricular activity. An F will be included in both regular and eligibility GPAs.

    Extracurricular Participation. If you are absent from school for more than half of your credit-bearing class periods on the day of an activity, you are ineligible for any activity on that day unless the absence has been approved in writing by the Assistant Superintendent/Principal. Exceptions may be made by your coach or activity adviser: 1) for a medical absence pre-arranged with the coach or adviser, or 2) for a death in your family. If you are absent from school on a Friday before a Saturday event, you may be withheld from Saturday activities at the sole discretion of the coach or activity adviser.

    Excused Absences
    With proper documentation and valid absence reporting by a parent/guardian, a student’s absence will not count toward the 8-attendance violation maximum for the following reasons:

    • Personal illness or other physical disablement (should include what the doctor expects the school to do; example: medical excuse from physical education)
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Family emergencies
    • Observance of religious holidays
    • Court appearances
    • College visits
    • Certain planned absences for extenuating circumstances that must be approved by the AP for Student Services
    • Unavoidable medical-related appointments (medical appointments should be scheduled outside the school day when possible)
    • Visitation with student’s parent/guardian who is on leave from active duty in the military
    • Voting in a primary, general, or special election

    All “parental” absences must be verified with proper documentation by a parent/guardian within 30 days of the student’s absence. All documentation should be submitted to the Deans’ Office (H109/111). Absences not verified with proper documentation are classified as “parental.” If proper documentation is not provided within 30 days, the absences will remain listed as “parental” (P) in our records.

    Unexcused Absences
    The following reasons will be considered unexcused:

    • Any full-day absence not reported by a parent/guardian on the Student Attendance Line by 10:00pm the day following the absence
    • Any family trip not filed in advance on a Planned Absence Form
    • Any false call (made by someone other than your parent or other authorized adult)
    • Excuses such as “car trouble,” “missed bus,” “personal,” “overslept,” “forgot ID”
    • Missing class to “study for an exam,” “take the driver’s test,” “go to the library,” “complete an assignment,” “attend an in-school activity”

    Make-Up Work
    For any class work and any homework assigned during excused/unexcused absences, students will have twice the number of missed school days to turn in assignments for full credit. Please contact your teacher to make arrangements regarding assignments, assessments and projects with previously announced deadlines.