Become an Alumni Ambassador!

  • Interested in being an Alumni Ambassador?

    We are looking for recent graduates of ETHS who are interested in connecting with alumni in Evanston/Skokie, places around the world, and in specific areas of career or academic interest.

    Any current senior or recent alumni of ETHS can apply to become an Alumni Ambassador volunteer by:

    • Meeting the eligibility requirements: current ETHS senior or recent graduate of ETHS
    • Completing the Alumni Ambassador Interest Form
    • Attending one Alumni Ambassador training session

    The Alumni Ambassador application process is open throughout the school year, but recruitment occurs with graduating ETHS seniors each the spring, typically after spring break. Information about the application process is shared with alumni through email. The Alumni Association can also provide more information regarding the application process. Please refer to the Alumni Ambassador Resources page for links to the interest form and background check information.  

    What is the level of commitment to be involved in the Alumni Ambassador Program? An Alumni Ambassador commits to about 2-6 hours of volunteering for one year: a few hours at your current school or place of employment and one to two ETHS-related activities per year. Plan to attend a training session (listed on the Alumni Ambassador Interest Form), which will provide you with information and resources to guide your efforts.

    Do I have to be an "expert" on ETHS, my current college, or employer in order to be an Ambassador? No. We are looking for Alumni Ambassadors who are interested in supporting current and prospective students by sharing their experiences and impressions about ETHS, their current college, or employer. Current ETHS students want to hear about your perspective as a current college student or work force employee. The Alumni Ambassador training session and program materials will provide you with the additional knowledge you need to be a successful guide on various topics.

    I am already a member of the Alumni Association. Can I also be an Alumni Ambassador? Yes! Being a member of the Alumni Association increases your effectiveness as an Alumni Ambassador. As an Alumni Ambassador, you can encourage new alumni and graduate classmates to become members of the Alumni Association.

    Is there a fee to participate? No. There is no fee to participate in the Alumni Ambassador program.