Ambassador Model at ETHS

  • The Evanston Township High School Ambassador model began in 2009 with the development of the Student Ambassador Program.

    Student Ambassadors are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who assist with on-campus events and in-school activities to create a supportive and inclusive culture in our diverse school setting. Throughout the year, Student Ambassadors serve as mentors to new students, providing guidance and sharing information to connect students with the resources they need to have a positive high school experience.

    In 2011, ETHS expanded the Ambassador model to include parents, guardians, and adult family members as ambassadors for the school. Parent Ambassadors help foster connections with other ETHS families by participating in school-wide events and supporting community engagement activities throughout the school year. They help build partnerships with the school community and share their unique experiences with new families during their transitions to the high school.

    The Alumni Ambassador model was introduced at ETHS in 2015 to help transform alumni involvement and position ETHS graduates as ambassadors for the school. The goal was to expand upon the existing Student and Parent Ambassador model to create a space that encourages alumni to share their unique experiences and knowledge about ETHS in the community, in support of Alumni Association events, and to assist future graduates in connecting with other alumni of ETHS.