Facilitated Groups

  • Beyond Diversity 

    “Beyond Diversity" is a nationally recognized seminar aimed at helping administrators, teachers, students, and parents identify, define and examine the powerful intersection of race and schooling. Today, thousands of seminar participants throughout the country practice the agreements and conditions of "Courageous Conversation" as they struggle to usher in culturally proficient curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

    CARE (Collaborative Action Research for Equity) Team

    The CARE Team consists of a group of teachers who participate in collaborative classroom research to accelerate responsiveness to the learning and cultural needs of students who are historically in the lowest-performing student groups. In addition, the CARE Team functions as a professional learning community where work and insights are shared with other teachers as they disseminate information through the members’ departments.

    District Equity Leadership Team (DELT)

    In 2009, the District Equity Leadership Team (DELT) was formed to provide planning, facilitation, and oversight of the ongoing equity work at ETHS District 202. The DELT contributes to the engagement of faculty, staff, and students in the district’s equity work.

    SEED (Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity)

    SEED is a peer-led professional development program that promotes change through self-reflection and interpersonal dialogue and builds capacity for more equitable curriculum, campuses, and communities. Started at ETHS in 2014, SEED participants develop ways of understanding complex relations between self and systems with regard to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability/disability, and other lived cultural experiences.

    SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism)

    SOAR is a group open to all students at ETHS who are interested in engaging in the school's equity work and moving the culture of ETHS to one that is more anti-racist. Students develop ways of understanding complex relations between self and systems of oppression and work together to challenge and change institutional practices that negatively impact all students, especially students of color. Northwestern University hosts and supports the SOAR Conference twice a year on campus.