• Through partnerships, ETHS is able to broaden the reach and impact of equity work and help sustain focused efforts. Opportunities for engagement range from public events held by nonprofit organizations (such as Family Action Network) to collaborations with mission-aligned community groups.  Institutional practices around equity are also elevated by the established partnerships described below.

    Northwestern University

    Northwestern University has a comprehensive partnership with ETHS that includes social consciousness as a priority. The Northwestern Partnership Office at ETHS supports this priority in many different ways. The partnership office brings programs, events, and resources to classrooms and the broader school community, as well as connects teachers with professional development opportunities. 

    The partnership office also supports the student summits at various levels, depending on needs from year to year. Northwestern facilitators, collaborators and volunteers have worked with summit organizers over the years to enhance student experiences. The Northwestern Partnership Office also connects ETHS students with special initiatives. A few examples include the following: 

    • Northwestern University and ETHS collaborate on the Black Men LEAD Initiative, bringing together Black male students to research and design a two-day conference. Grant funding for the initiative is provided by the Martin Family Fund and Northwestern’s Provost Grant for Innovation in Diversity & Equity.
    • The Northwestern Partnership Office organizes and funds an annual Women’s Empowerment Conference for ETHS students on the NU campus. Support is provided by Northwestern’s Office of Community Education Partnerships, the School of Education and Social Policy, and Evanston Public Library.
    • Social Justice Advocacy Workshops are hosted for ETHS students twice per year in collaboration with ETHS Community Service Department and the ETHS History/Social Sciences Department.

    Additional Northwestern collaborations include the Northwestern Evanston Educators Research Alliance with Districts 65 and 202. Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy oversees the work that includes data-sharing, research alignment, and increased capacity for the District’s Research and Evaluation Departments.

    Parent groups

    Certain parent groups at ETHS such as the Evanston Black Advocacy Network (E-BAN) and Latino Advisory Committee (LAC) work on self-advocacy and engagement with the high school, with a focus on strengthening the relationship between ETHS and communities of color. A Parent Summit is also hosted to further involve family members in the mission of the district. The groups are run with collaboration of ETHS staff and parent leaders.