Live Learning Schedule

    • The ETHS bell schedule has been modified for the 2020-2021 school year. Based on feedback from students, families, and teachers, who stressed the importance of consistency in the schedule, a new schedule was developed for all three reopening scenarios (i.e., fully remote, hybrid, or fully in-person). 
    • Each class is scheduled to have two, 70-minute periods, a portion of which is set aside for  daily, live learning.
      • No additional full class, live sessions will take place outside of this schedule. 
      • There is time built into the schedule for individual and small group meetings for support (AM Support and Office Hours).
    • In addition to the two scheduled class periods per week, students can expect to complete up to 30 minutes of additional work per course, per week (asynchronous).
    • During Wildkit Day Mondays, students may complete asynchronous lessons, catch up on work, connect with activities and supports, and seek additional assistance from their teachers.
    • While no additional full class, instructional meetings can take place outside of the two class periods each week, individual and small group meetings for support are appropriate.

Enhanced E-learning Schedule

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Last Modified on August 5, 2020