Find Your Counselor

  • Evanston Township High School designates counselors by grade level who travel with their students throughout their four years at ETHS. In addition, several counselors specialize in providing supplemental college and career planning services for students. All grade-level counselors are located in Room E125. Click here for contact information. 

Counselors - Grades 9 & 11

  • Alana Amaker

    Denise Chaitkin

    Traece Graham

    Anitra Holloway-Nelson

    Anthony Johnson

    Karen Morris

    Cheryl Sussewell





Counselors - Grades 10 & 12

  • Marti Cuevas-Cintron

    Nicole Debnar

    Eliza Freedman

    Stephen Lucas

    Kirsten Nozime

    Christian Saenz

    Susan Spillane

    Tina Tiziano-Dreher