World Languages Placement Testing

  • WL Placement Testing for All Students

    ETHS offers many different World Languages (American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Spanish/ Spanish for Heritage Learners). Students may elect to take any language during the course selection timeframe for each school year.  Students with no experience in the language will be placed in level 1.

    Students entering ETHS with 2 years of experience at their current middle school will be placed in level 2.  If students are looking for a course with more support or more rigor, they should sign up for a placement test.  

    WL Placement Testing for Incoming 8th Grade Students

    ETHS will host World Languages Placement Testing onsite in November.  If your student has any language experience, they should plan on taking a placement test.

    • Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish - Students with Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish (as a foreign language) will take the AAPPL test to measure proficiency in the language.  Students will take the Interpretive Listening, Interpretive Reading, and Presentational Writing test.  This is a computer-based test; all three sessions will take about 2 hours.  It is recommended that students practice typing in the language prior to taking the test.  The testing site also provides these tips for the various components of the assessment.

    • American Sign Language - Students with ASL experience should contact the World Languages/ Bilingual Education Office (847-424-7450) to arrange for placement testing.

    • Latin - Due to the sequential nature of the Latin curricula offered at Baker, Pope John, and ETHS, students with Latin experience who are currently enrolled at those schools will be placed based on teacher recommendation. They do not need to take a placement test at ETHS.  Students with Latin experience from other schools should contact the World Languages/Bilingual Education Office (847-424-7450) to arrange for placement testing.

    • Spanish Heritage Learners - Students who are from a home where Spanish is spoken are eligible for Spanish for Heritage Learners classes at ETHS. For District 65 students, this would include, but is not be limited to, the students enrolled in Spanish for Spanish Speakers classes.  Students with two or more years of Spanish at their current middle school will be placed in level 2 for Heritage Learners.  Students looking for a course with more support or more rigor should sign up for a placement test.  Spanish Heritage testing will be at ETHS on November 13, 2018. The Spanish Heritage test is composed of an interpretive reading and interpretive listening component. Students also are recorded with a speaking sample and create a short writing sample. For more information, see the WL placement documents website.

    • Spanish Testing for Former TWI Students (English Speakers) - Former TWI students from District 65 or students with immersion experience will be placed into a 2 Spanish Honors for TWI Students class. Students who wish to be considered for 3 Spanish Honors need to sign up for a placement test.  See the WL placement documents website for more information.

    For specific testing dates, times, and locations, please refer to the ETHS Calendar and search “World Languages Placement Testing”. If a student has not taken a placement exam and has 2 years of experience at their current middle school, they will be enrolled in level 2 of the language they choose at Course Selection Night.  If a student wishes to take a placement exam after the November dates, please refer them to the World Languages/Bilingual Education Office (847-424-7450 or to schedule an exam. 

    WL Placement Testing Results for Incoming Freshmen

    As part of the course request process, incoming freshmen will attend Course Selection Night where they indicate their elective and alternate course requests.

    Course request information, including placements, electives, and alternates, will be sent to incoming families in mid-March. For questions related to the placement level for a language course, contact the World Languages/Bilingual Education Office prior to the course request change deadline.

    WL Placement Testing for Transfer Students

    As transfer students register at ETHS and take required placement testing, students who are entering ETHS with prior language experience (in middle school, at home, through private lessons, etc.) need to be tested to determine the best language level for them. Factors that influence level determinations include prior course experience, placement tests results, teacher recommendation, and grades. Families should work with the Registrar’s Office to set up testing for World Languages.

    Make-Up Testing

    Students that were unable to take a placement test in November can sign up to take a placement test in January, February, March, or May.  Students or families can sign up here after November.