Registration Process for Non-District 65 Eighth Graders

  • If your child is currently in 8th grade and is enrolled in a school that is not part of District 65, including Evanston/Skokie private or parochial, follow these steps:

    Verify Student Lives in District Boundaries 

    In order to register to attend Evanston Township High School District 202, students must live within district boundaries on a full-time permanent basis (seven days and seven nights). The District 202 attendance area includes the City of Evanston and a small portion of Skokie. Please verify that your child lives within our District's attendance area before proceeding to Step 1.

    STEP 1 - Complete Online Enrollment - Submit Residency & Enrollment Documents

    Go to the Online Enrollment page to create a new account and begin the enrollment process (or provide an updated registration form for a currently enrolled student). Online registration forms that are more than 1 month old without submitted required documents will be deleted.

    If you have questions about online enrollment, contact the Student Enrollment Specialist at (847) 424-7915.

    In order to complete the registration process, the registering parent/guardian must submit all of the following documents as part of the online enrollment form:

      • Student's original birth certificate (translated into English, if necessary) 

      • Proof of residency: 1 document from Category A and 2 documents from Category B (see chart below) 

      • Current school physical and immunization records* to Health Services located in the Nurse's Office (N121) - See Health Requirements for Incoming Freshmen for more details. 

      • 8th grade diploma** (if requested)

    * Information sent in December provides details regarding the health and immunization requirements for incoming freshman students. Once information is received then provide additional documentation as directed.

    **Not required until after the successful completion of 8th grade.
    If you have questions about these required documents, contact the Residency Officer at (847) 424-7182.

    STEP 2 - Take Required Testing

    ETHS uses the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test as one measure to determine course placement. For students enrolled at a non-District 65 school, placement testing will be offered at District 202. To RSVP for MAP Placement Testing submit this form. Visit the ETHS placement process page for more information about the placement process and placement testing. If you missed the MAP testing dates and have questions regarding the placement test dates, contact the ETHS Testing Coordinator. ETHS will accept official score MAP reports from other schools as long as they are no more than one year old. 

    If you have questions regarding course placement, contact the ETHS New Student Transition Coordinator.


    STEP 3 - Request Elective Courses

    Preview the online Course Request Guide and attend Course Request Night in January to request courses. All registered students will be able to learn more about course electives and submit their course requests on this night.

    STEP 4 - Pay Student Fees

    Pay fees in the Student Accounts office (H110) or online. Fees must be paid annually. Fee waivers for annual school fees are granted on a yearly basis to those families whose students qualify for the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program. Complete the online application if you believe you qualify.

    For transportation options, please see the Parking and Transportation page. If your student uses public transportation, purchase a Ventra card in the Student Accounts Office (H110) and reinstate annually.

    If you have questions at this step, contact the Student Accounts Office at (847) 424-7110.


    STEP 5 - Attend Freshman Orientation

    Registered students and their families attend Freshman Orientation in August to meet their counselor, receive locker information and their course schedule, and pick up Chromebooks.

    Si necesitan ayuda en español por favor llamen a la Oficina del Enlace latino al 847-424-7166.

Required Proof of Residency Documents

  • You must provide documents from BOTH Category A and Category B.
     Category A – One (1) of the following documents: Category B –  Two (2) of the following documents
    • Real estate or property tax bill
    • Signed lease (for incoming freshmen, lease must expire after the first day of school for the upcoming school year)
    • Mortgage document or payment book
    • Illinois Housing Assistance Letter
    • Military housing letter
    • Residency Attestation Letter
    • Public aid card
    • Gas bill
    • Medicaid card
    • Electric bill
    • Food stamp card
    • Water/Sewer bill
    • Credit card statement
    • Phone bill (no cell bill)
    • Pay check stub
    • Cable bill
    • City sticker receipt
    • Vehicle registration
    • Driver’s license/State ID
    • Bank statement