Financial Assistance for ETHS Students

  • Financial assistance for one (1) Summer School course is available to ETHS students who qualify. Read the directions below to see if you qualify and for instructions on how to apply.

    If you are a current ETHS student who qualifies for the household incentive program, you are eligible to receive financial assistance for one (1) Summer School course that is required for graduation. Driver's Education is not a graduation requirement and financial assistance may not be applied to this summer school course. 


    1. Students must be registered with ETHS as a participant in the household incentive program. (Information about registering is available HERE)
    2. When you register for the course on the ETHS Web Store, you will arrive at a prompt towards the end of the registration process that will prompt you to indicate if you qualify for financial assistance.
    3. Most courses have a tuition of $225-250 depending on supply costs. Financial assistance reduces course tuition by $200. Parents/guardians are responsible for paying the remaining tuition amount. In addition, there is a $70 non-refundable registration fee for the first class of the summer.
    4. The summer school office will verify financial eligibility after you register.