Course Request Guide

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    Course Request Guide revised 1/11/2024

School Year:
Course Title Contains:
Course Description Contains:
Request Code Contains:
Course Code Contains:

Ⓨ - Year-long course: scheduled for both 1st and 2nd semester
Ⓢ - Semester-long course: scheduled for 1st or 2nd semester
① - Semester-long course: scheduled for 1st semester only
② - Semester-long course: scheduled for 2nd semester only

Ⓐ - Advanced Placement (AP) course
Ⓒ - Meets Consumer Education Requirement
Ⓓ - Dual credit course
Ⓝ - NCAA eligibility course: NCAA-approved core course
Ⓟ - Project Lead the Way engineering course
Ⓔ - Earned Honors or Pathway to Honors