How to Register for Summer School

  • Registration for Recovery Courses

    The process to enroll in a course to recover credit due to failure or an incomplete will begin in early May. The process will be streamlined as tuition and registration fees are being waived for all recovery courses for 2021. Students who need to take a recovery class over the summer can review the available course offerings above and check in with their counselor to discuss potential summer course options.

    Registration for Enrichment Courses

    Students will be invited to participate in a variety of enrichment programs. These courses will include Extended School Year (ESY), ESL programming, or targeted math and reading interventions for eligible students. Registration will occur through an invitation process in late April and early May. Students will be notified if they are eligible.

    Registration for Advancement Courses (ACTION REQUIRED - Course Request Process)

    If you are interested in enrolling in one of the following summer school courses, you will want to complete the SUMMER ADVANCEMENT COURSE REQUEST FORM:

    Advancement Course Request Detailed Timeline

    STEP 1 - Please review the SUMMER ADVANCEMENT COURSE REQUEST FORM carefully with your student and take your time to fill it out. Please be sure to submit your form on or before Thursday, April 22nd

    • Pay close attention to dates, times, grade level restrictions, and the format of the course options.
    • Attendance is extremely important for summer school. Daily attendance is expected. 13-Day courses require a minimum of 12 days of attendance. 26-Day courses require a minimum of 24 days of attendance. Absences CANNOT be made up. Students may not attend in-person courses virtually.
    • The time that you submit the form does not impact prioritization of a student’s course requests - all are processed at the same time after the submission deadline. 
    • Forms should be completed no later than Thursday, April 22nd. Submitting a form late may impact our ability to place your student into an advancement course
    • The number of courses that you rank will also not impact the prioritization of your student’s summer course requests. You are encouraged to include and rank any course that you have an interest in taking over the summer.

    STEP 2 - Notification of a student’s summer advancement course assignment will occur via email on or before Friday, April 30th.

    • Course assignments will be made using a lottery system that will generate a randomized order to review each course request form submission.
    • If the first choice has availability when the student's request comes up the student will be offered a seat in that class. If no space is available, the student will be automatically added to the waitlist. This process will continue through any additional course options ranked on the submission form.
    • Listing only one course option on the course request form increases the likelihood that you will not receive a course assignment. Including alternative options increases the chances that you will be able to take a summer school course, even if it is not your first choice.
    • Grade level prioritization may occur for some graduation requirement courses, particularly for a rising 12th grade student.
    • Students will initially be limited to 1 course assignment, if capacity allows students may be able to take 2 advancement courses.

    STEP 3 - Your course assignment DOES NOT confirm your registration. To confirm your registration you will need to pay the registration and tuition fees for your assigned course.

    • Specific directions to confirm your registration will be included in your course assignment email. There will be an online or check mail-in payment option. 
    • The non-refundable summer school registration fee is $70 and the additional tuition fee for most courses is $250. The tuition for Driver’s Education is $400 and Astronomy as a full-year course will have a tuition fee of $500.
    • Students who participate in the federal lunch program will automatically receive a $200 scholarship towards the course tuition. (**Scholarship not applicable for Driver's Education**)
    • Payment to confirm your seat will be required by Monday, May 10th.

Summer School Registration Forms