ETHS Day School

  • The ETHS Therapeutic Day School is a public day school for students eligible for special education services, committed to the belief that all students will achieve success in a supportive setting building on social emotional and academic skills while reducing obstacles which have historically impeded educational progress and success.  

    History - After analyzing the data around students who were placed by their IEP teams at Off Campus Placements, it was determined there was a significant need to have a therapeutic placement for ETHS students in their local area in order to provide access to community resources. The ETHS Therapeutic Day School opened for an extended school year summer program during the summer of 2019, with a full opening Fall of 2019. 

    Philosophy - To provide students with a safe, small, supportive educational environment where all members of the community are treated with respect and dignity to embrace individual and collective diversity while maximizing the potential of each student. 

    Mission and Vision -

    • Mission: to provide individualized social-emotional supports for students to develop skills to better access academic programming for post-secondary success.  
    • Vision: We envision a school environment, community, and society in which all young adults can be successful.  As an educational team, we are committed to building opportunities for success for student’s reality.

    Goals - The goal of the educational team is to provide students and families with a successful educational experience which fosters personal growth, coping skills, and preparation for post secondary success.  

    Illinois Social-Emotional Learning Standards serve as one of the main foundations for all programming at the Therapeutic Day School. The educational team focuses on daily mindfulness, to model positive interpersonal skills and development. The goal of SEL programming is to allow students to grow mastery in regulating emotion, independence, self advocacy, and community. 

    Academics - The ETHS Day School offers core content that is parallel to general education academic curriculum, including Physical Education (PE) in order for students to complete the ETHS graduation requirements. In addition to elective options, students have access to vocational experiences through school and community partnerships.

    Academic resources include before-school and after-school supports, study hall, and case management. Students also have access to a range of resources on the main campus, such as science labs, College and Career Services, and media centers (East Library, Central Library, Chromezone, and South Technology Center).


    Bell Schedule
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Office Hours

  •    Regular Summer School SY23-24 School Hours
    Mon - Thurs:  8:00am-4:30pm Mon - Thurs: 8:00am-2:00pm Mondays: 8:17am-1:30pm
    Fri:  8:00am-4:00pm Fri: Closed Tuesdays - Friday: 8:17am-2:50pm