Eighth Grade Transition to ETHS

  • The transition from middle school to Evanston Township High School for students with disabilities is a collaborative process involving:

    • Students
    • Parents/Guardians
    • Teachers and administrators from both the middle school and ETHS
    • Other personnel, if necessary (i.e., speech pathologist, nurse, social worker, interpreter, etc.)
    • ETHS IEP Coordinator

    The Special Education Department hosts an Eighth Grade Transition Night each fall to provide more information on the transition process. 


Transfer Student Transition

  • Students with IEPs transferring to ETHS from other high schools will complete the enrollment process outlined below.

    Grade 9-12 Transfer Student

    Your child is in grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 and you have moved within the District 202 attendance area and your child is transferring to ETHS  from an Illinois public school, private or parochial school, a school outside of Illinois or outside of the U.S.

    Upon completion of the enrollment process, the ETHS Special Education office will review a student’s last IEP, make recommendations to the counselor, and a class schedule will be developed. The Special Education office will schedule a 30-day IEP review meeting to monitor a student’s transition to ETHS, and adjust services as required, if necessary.




  • For information about the special education transition process, contact:

    Assistant Director of Special Education

    Amy Verbrick
    (847) 424-7010  


    For general information about transitioning to ETHS, contact:
    New Student Transition Coordinator
    Alicia Hart
    (847) 424-7047