ETHS Transition House

  • The mission of the ETHS Transition House program is to facilitate the independent functioning and self determination of young adults ages 18-22 with disabilities through skill development, technology use and supportive participation in vocational, social, recreational and other community-based activities. The components of the Transition House program include:

    Collaborative Service Delivery Model
    Transition participants, parents, educational staff members, and agency personnel collectively develop and implement community-based support plans.

    Adult-Focused Curriculum
    In-depth instruction is provided to foster vocational, social, domestic, community involvement, personal living, and recreational skills.

    Functional Academics
    Instruction in functional academics across content is provided as they relate to the secondary transition plan (employment, education, training, independent living, community participation). 

    Peer Program
    An interactive peer program to facilitate interactions with age-appropriate peers.

    Linkages to Adult Service Providers
    Educational staff members work closely with community-based agencies to link participants with appropriate services.

    Transition Services
    The Transition program is designed to provide young adults ages 18 -22 with moderate to severe disabilities an opportunity to meet their IEP transition goals in a community-based setting. The program empowers participants through independent skill development and participation in vocational, social, recreational, and daily-living activities.

    Partnership Agreement
    The IEP for each participant in the Transition program is selected based on individual need, and is developed and monitored in a collaborative manner by the participant, the participant's family, the home district educational staff members, and the Transition program team.

  • Transition Coordinator
    Extended School Year (Summer School) Coordinator
    Nicole Mims Johnson
    (847) 424-7439

    Nicole Brooks
    (847) 424-7009 

    1742 Lemar
    Evanston, IL 60201
    (847) 424-7032

  •      Regular Summer School
    Monday   8:00am-1:30pm Closed
    Tuesday - Friday   8:00am-2:45pm Closed