ETHS Gardens

  • Edible Acre I 
    The Edible Acre, is a 5,000 square-foot garden developed in 2009. The garden is located across the street from the front entrance of the school, on Dodge Ave. During the growing season, April-November, the garden supplies between 2,200-3,000 pounds of produce. About 30 varieties are grown throughout the course of a year including root crops, greens, herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, and even edible flowers.

    ETHS Greenhouse 
    The Greenhouse was incorporated into the Nutrition Services program in 2014. Since then, about 150 pounds of produce have been harvested annually. During the summer, when the outdoor gardens are active, the Greenhouse grows the seedlings for both Edible Acre Gardens and the Edible Wall. 

    In summer 2019, the ETHS Foundation awarded a grant for a Greenhouse renovation, quadrupling the harvest as a result of the expansion.

    Edible Orchard 
    In 2015, 25 fruit trees were planted near the ETHS football field on Church Street. There is a combination of Asian pear trees and a variety of apple trees.  

    Edible Acre II 
    Edible Acre II is located on Church Street, next to the Edible Orchard. During the summer of 2019, ETHS began the process of adding 14 raised beds, creating an additional 900 square feet of growing space.   This area supplies romaine lettuce for every student salad until November.