Lunch Block Expectations

    • Arrive on-time and stay: Students are expected to arrive at their lunch location before the bell rings and remain in the space for the duration of the lunch block. 

    • After the late bell rings, students will not be permitted to leave their lunch location without a pass to see a specific staff member.

    • After the late bell rings, students must report to their assigned cafeteria.

    • Students are not permitted to be in the hallways without a pass at any time during school hours as a matter of safety and accountability; this includes lunch blocks.

    • Students are not permitted to take lunch from the cafeteria to Senior Courtyard, Academic Study Center (ASC), The Hub, etc. The only exception is when a staff member has given an individual student a pass to leave the cafeteria with their food to meet the staff member in their classroom, office or workspace.  This pass must include the student’s name, ID, current date/time, and staff signature, and permits the student to leave the cafeteria with their meal to meet the staff member in their designated classroom, office or workspace. The student must stay with the staff member for the remainder of the lunch block

    • Find a Seat; Take a Seat: Students in cafeterias are expected to remain seated for the duration of the lunch block unless discarding trash, making a food purchase, or accessing the courtyard.

    • The Student Behavior Code, as listed in the ETHS Pilot, applies to all spaces in the school and grounds, including lunch locations, and may include interventions, disciplinary consequences and/or restricted access to address misconduct.

Cafeteria Assignments

  • ETHS students are assigned to a cafeteria for their lunch block as noted in their schedules.

    • Freshman students are assigned to the North Cafeteria.

    • Sophomores are assigned to either the East Cafeteria.

    • Juniors are assigned to the West Cafeteria.

    • Seniors are assigned to the South Cafeteria.

    • Students may go to the courtyard next to their assigned cafeteria at the discretion of the Dean(s) and/or Safety personnel, weather permitting.

    • Only students who are assigned to the East, West, or South Cafeterias will be permitted access to the cafeteria.

    • Hot lunch is available.

    • Students will use their student ID/virtual ID to swipe into the cafeteria. The ID must not be altered. It must show the student's photo.

    • Students may not go to any cafeteria during their assigned study hall.

Alternative Lunch Locations

  • Students may choose to eat lunch in one of the following areas, which are open to students during their lunch blocks until capacity is reached, and/or if open on that day/weather permitting. Please note: Students are not permitted to pick up lunch at any cafeteria and go to another space for lunch.

    • Academic Study Center (ASC) - Bring own lunch (students are not permitted to leave the cafeteria with food): The ASC offers academic support in the areas of Math, English, Science, History, and World Languages/Bilingual Education. While students are welcome to drop-in during their lunch block, please remember that the ASC is a designated space for students seeking academic help (i.e. on homework, essay writing, exam prep, etc.). It is not a space for socialization. Students who do not prioritize academic support and cause discruptions may be asked to leave and may receive a subsequent referral. Located in E212.

    • Student Success Center (The Hub) - Bring own lunch (students are not permitted to leave the cafeteria with food): The Hub is a student-centered space that fosters interactive learning and collaboration by providing students with a central location to access various programs, facilities, and services. The Hub is home to College and Career Services, the Community Service Office, the Student Activities Office, and the Youth Job Center. Students are welcome to eat lunch in The Hub during their lunch blocks.

    • Senior Courtyard - Bring own lunch (students are not permitted to leave the cafeteria with food): The Senior Courtyard will be open weather permitting, and can be accessed through the North Wing.

    Lunch with Staff Member – Students must have a pass from the staff member in advance in order to leave the cafeteria/alternative space and remain in the office/classroom/work area with the staff member. If a student finishes the task with the staff member, students must stay with the staff member for the remainder of the lunch block.  A staff member may also request lunch for a student in advance through the Nutrition Services online process; the student will pick up the lunch from the cafeteria with the pass from the staff member.

    NO FOOD/DRINK ALLOWED: Students may choose to access one of the following locations during their lunch block; however, please note that food/drink are not allowed in these spaces.

    Central Library, East Library, and South Technology Center - Food and drink are not allowed: Students are permitted to enter for quiet study before the tardy bell rings and/or until capacity is reached. Eating food and drink are not allowed in these spaces.

Open Campus (Grades 10-12)

  • Open Campus gives Senior, Junior, and Sophomore students the option to leave the ETHS campus during their lunch block in order to purchase and/or eat lunch elsewhere. In order to be eligible for Open Campus Lunch, students must meet the following criteria:

    • A student must be in Grades 10-12

    • A student must have no more than 10 tardy detentions (may not be on Tardy Probation)

    • Students must not be under any school imposed disciplinary restrictions or consequences, such as Social Probation