• During the 2020-21 school year, access to the ETHS building will be limited as much as possible. Visits are by appointment only.

    All visitors, including vendors, must comply with all safety procedures.

    • Visitors will be required to sign in with Safety.

    • Visitors must wear face coverings and maintain social distance.

    Effective Friday, 10/30/20, ETHS will allow limited, pre-scheduled visitors to ETHS classrooms hosted by ETHS staff.  In order for a visitor to be approved, the purpose of the visit must be to advance instructional goals and objectives and the visitor must:  

    • be an adult (ETHS students have access to spaces only through approved activities)
    • be pre-approved; please complete the ETHS visitor request form at least 3 working days prior to visitor arrival
    • complete and clear a health screening upon arrival at ETHS (see Health Screenings and Self-Certification for Entry to the School)
    • sign in and out of ETHS; this includes presenting a photo ID and receiving a visitor badge sticker to be worn while at ETHS
    • wear a mask and social distance at all times while at ETHS (see Health Protocols)

    Upon submission of a request, the requester will be contacted via email with an approve/deny notification for the visitor request.  

Last Modified on October 29, 2020