Health Screenings and Self-Certification for Entry to the School

  • Health Screening

    Screening checks are required for all staff, students, and visitors entering the building or arriving on campus. The Safety Department checks the temperatures of every person who has not COVID self-certified upon arrival to ETHS. The following series of questions will be asked to certify the absence of COVID-19 symptoms and/or contact. 

    1. Take your temperature. Is it higher than 100.4?
    2. Are you experiencing a fever, cough, chills and/ or muscle aches?
    3. Do you have a sore throat, runny nose or a loss of taste or smell?
    4. Do you feel nauseous or have vomited and/ or diarrhea?
    5. Are you experiencing shortness of breath and/ or headache?
    6. Have you had any close contact or cared for someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
    7. Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
    8. Have you traveled outside the state of Illinois in the past 10 days?
      • If yes to that question: Did you receive a negative test result to a COVID test completed no earlier than 72 hours after returning to Illinois?

    Only persons who answer “no” to the above questions, or if answering yes to question 8 then also answer yes to the COVID test question, will be admitted into the building or on the ETHS campus. All other persons will not be permitted to stay on campus. If anyone denied access would like further clarification, please contact Matthew Driscoll, Director of Safety, at



    • A mobile self-certification process has been implemented for students and staff for pre-arrival.
    • Will I need to certify that my child is not presenting with any COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis? 
      • Yes, self-certification is required before entering the building or arriving on the ETHS campus to participate in extracurricular activities.
      • ETHS would require students or their parents/guardians to certify that the student does not have any COVID-19 symptoms when attending in-person classes. 

IDPH - COVID 19 Interim Exclusion Guidance

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