Transportation, Parking, and Entrances

  • Arriving/ Departing

    Public Transportation

    • Pace will run its regular routes. Visit the Pace website for schedule information about Route 208 and Route 213.
      • Pace will not increase busses to accommodate additional riders.
      • No more than 15 riders per bus.
    • CTA
      • Visit the CTA website for schedule information about Route 93 and Route 206.
      • Limited riders per bus.
      • Possible extra bus during school hours.


    • ETHS staff may park in any designated staff parking lot.
    • Any ETHS student with a valid driver’s license may park in a student parking lot during hybrid instruction. 
    • A parking permit is not required during hybrid instruction.


    Bike racks are available for use. Students and staff who ride bikes to ETHS can secure bicycles to designated racks behind the school, on the south end of Wildkit Drive, and in the Bike Compounds located behind the school near Entrance 3. Bike riders are responsible for properly locking their bikes on authorized bike racks only.



    ETHS staff and students must self-certify prior to arriving on the ETHS campus. On-site health screening at the entrances will cause delays. 

    On hybrid instruction days, staff may use any available entrance. Door 5 (front of the building) and Door 37 (rear of the building) are designated entrances for staff only.

    • Staff entrance hours for Doors 5 and 37 are Tuesday through Friday, 8:00am - 9:15am.

    General entrances

    ETHS Safety personnel will guide staff and students to minimize congestion at each entrance/zone.

    • Entrance 1 (Zone 1)
      • Adjacent entrance: Door 59 
    • Entrance 2 (Zone 2)
      • Adjacent entrance: Door 35
    • Entrance 3 (Zone 3)