Things to Know and Do Before August 17

  • Registration and Residency

    • Students who have not updated junior residency documentation will not be allowed to access their schedules and will be excluded from school until the junior residency requirement is met.
    • Residency information must be uploaded to ETHS via Home Access Center. Please visit the Juniors Proving Residency page for details.
      • Remote Registration Process for New Students - If your child has never been registered at ETHS, please complete the Remote Registration Process. Each of the registration steps is supported by ETHS staff remotely. 
      • Junior Residency - Parents/guardians of students who will be entering their junior year (grade 11/Class of 2022) in the 2020-2021 school year are required to provide proof of residency to ETHS District 202. 


    Review and Update Contact Information 

    • As ETHS begins the 2020-21 school year with e-learning it is critical that we are able to communicate with students, families,  and staff. Parents and guardians - please be sure to confirm your contact information and your student’s contact information in Home Access Center (HAC)
    • Follow the steps on How to Update Your Contact Information. update email addresses, phone numbers,mailing addresses, or make changes to emergency contact information.
    • Did you move during the past school year or over the summer? If your child(ren)'s primary residence has changed since last school year, you'll need to provide proof of residency. Follow the instructions on How to Update Student Registration Information to verify residency before the school year begins.


    Log in to Student and Parent portals 

    • The ETHS website has two online portals for students and parents to monitor student learning and participation: Home Access Center (HAC) and myETHS. A single user account provides access to both portals. Learn more about what you can do with these portals on the Student and Parent Portals page.


    Update Consents

    • Using myETHS, you can modify FERPA consent status for things like yearbook photos or the graduation program. You can also provide consent for Student Athletic Participation or Student Activities Participation for the 2020-21 school year. 
    • To update consent or make other changes to your Student’s Record, follow the steps listed on How to Update Student Registration Information.


    Health Records - Due October 15

    • To ensure that State of Illinois health requirements are met, the ETHS Nurses' Office (Health Services Department) must have the required health documents on file. Since ETHS begins this school year remotely, the deadline for submitting health documents is extended until October 15.
    • ETHS will email families about any missing required documents. Contact Health Services at 847-424-7260 if there are questions.
    • You can contact the ETHS Health Center to schedule an appointment for physical exams and immunizations, if necessary. Appointments can be made during the summer and during the school year. Read the Health Requirements for students in grades 9-12 for details and forms.
    • If a religious exemption is requested for health requirements, an exemption form must be completed by a parent/guardian and signed by a healthcare provider, and must be on file with the Nurses’ Office before a student can attend school in person. 


    School Fees and Chromebook Warranty Coverage

      • A Student Fee Statement is available online through your myETHS account. You may access student account information at any time through myETHS to view current charges and any unpaid balance. Please pay your 2020-21 student fees online.
      • Applications for the Free and Reduced Priced Meal Program should be submitted online by August 11 to determine fee waiver eligibility.
      • Chromebook Extended Warranty Coverage (optional; recommended). All ETHS-issued Chromebooks come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with limited coverage. To cover other kinds of damage, parents/guardians can purchase optional Chromebook extended warranties that must be renewed every year. All one-year policies need to be renewed on or before August 17, 2020, to maintain coverage without interruption. Families that purchased the four-year warranty do not need to renew.


    Freshman and Transfer Orientation

    • Orientation for the freshman class is on Monday, August 10 and Tuesday, August 11, 2020. 
    • Orientation for transfer students is on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.
    • ETHS will strictly follow the assigned times to mitigate the health risks to all students and staff on campus each scheduled day. 
    • Students and families will not be permitted to enter the building. 
    • Virtual Orientation Counselor Sessions will be held in the evening and are also assigned by the student’s last name. More information, including counselor assignment, will be shared in August. 
    • Dates and times for orientation and material pick-up are assigned by alpha last name on August 10 and 11.
    •  Photo IDs:
      • Your virtual "myID" is in your myETHS account
      • Most D65 student ID photos were uploaded at ETHS. If ETHS emailed you to upload an ID photo please be sure to do so immediately. Any photos uploaded later than August 12 may not be visible to classroom teachers.
    • Required documents for participation in orientation:
      • All required registration documents must be submitted to participate in freshman orientation. 
      • If you require support to complete registration please contact the Registrar’s Office immediately. Any families with incomplete registration who attempt to attend Orientation will be redirected to complete required registration steps. 
    • Freshman Orientation Material and Chromebook pick-up:
      • Freshman orientation material pickup will consist of  families picking up materials and their student's Chromebook. 
      • Families will enter off of Lake Street to Wildkit Drive.
      • Students will bring their class schedule to receive their District-issued Chromebook and other materials for the start of school.
      • Families need to plan for Orientation material and Chromebook pick up to last approximately 1 hour. 
    • Virtual Orientation Counseling Session:
      • Families will have the opportunity to meet their student’s counselor at the Virtual Orientation Counseling Session. At 6:00pm on your assigned orientation date (see above for your assigned date), students/parents/guardians will meet via Zoom in large groups to review important information with their grade-level counselor. The Zoom links will be emailed with student schedules right before orientation.
    • After Orientation:
      • Upon receiving their District-issued Chromebook, students will complete a digital Chromebook agreement upon first use. They will have opportunities to review the District’s Acceptable Use Policy when completing the agreement. The Chromebook comes with a one-year limited warranty. Any damage or repair not covered by the one-year manufacturer’s warranty will be the responsibility of the student and their parent/guardian. Optional extended warranty coverage through a third party provider is available for students and their families to purchase. Payment can be made in advance online or via the fee statement. 
      • Physical examination and immunization records may be faxed to 847-424-7254, emailed to, or dropped off at either Entrance #1 or Entrance #2 (please use a sealed envelope marked "Health Services"). If you have any questions, the school nurses can be reached at 847-424-7260.


    Schedule Availability and Course Change Requests:

    • Schedules will be available via Home Access Center (HAC) the evening of August 9th.
    • We will engage students via e-learning, hybrid or in-person instruction in the classes they requested.
    • Course preference and/or level change requests will not be accepted, consistent with previous district communication.