Preparing for In-person Experiences and Hybrid Instruction

  • When scheduled to be at school, please review the Checklist for Arriving at ETHS. Additional information is provided below to help students know what to expect when they are on campus.


    Responsibilities of Students

    • Complete the ETHS health screening in myETHS prior to arrival on campus.
    • Scan into ETHS with ID with Safety upon arrival on campus.
    • Students without an ID photo in eSchoolPlus will not be admitted.  
    • Students can use their Chromebook or mobile device to access their virtual "myID" in their myETHS account, which includes the student name, photo, ID number, and barcode. Students can display their myID on a mobile device, or print their myID using their Chromebooks and KitPrint stations located throughout the school.
    • Walk directly to and from entry/exit point and meeting* location while inside the ETHS building.
    • Follow all ETHS health and safety guidelines and building protocols at all times (practicing good hand hygiene, mask-wearing, maintaining social distance, and sanitizing).
    • Food is not permitted during meetings* unless a need is medically documented.
    • Follow all behavioral guidelines in the ETHS Pilot Student & Family Handbook


    Entrances and Exits

    • Entrances 1, 2, and 3 are the primary points of entry into the building.  Athletic practices may have additional entrances directly into athletic facilities.  Coaches will scan in students and perform needed health screenings upon student entry.  
    • Students should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the meeting* start time.
    • All staff and students will scan into ETHS with Safety staff upon entry to ETHS.
      • Students without a photo in eSchoolPlus will not be admitted. 
      • Anyone that did not complete the health screening will be screened by Safety upon arrival, including a temperature check. 
    • Students may use their Virtual ID while on campus.
    • If a student or staff presents with COVID-19 symptoms, they will not be permitted into the building.
    • Students will walk to/from their meeting* location unescorted by staff.  Students will be reminded to immediately exit the building at the conclusion of their meeting.*
    • Safety staff will support students as they exit the building at the conclusion of the meeting* blocks.


     * For the purposes of this information, the term “meetings” encompasses all gatherings at ETHS such as practices, rehearsals, meetings, academic support, hands-on activities, etc.

Building and Facilities

    • Students with a valid driver's license may park in any Student Parking Lot during their scheduled meeting at ETHS. A student parking permit is not required.
    • The number of restrooms available in the building will be limited in order to ensure supervision and increased cleaning and sanitizing.
    • Spaces at ETHS are set up with capacity limits and allow for safe distancing for students and staff.  
    • Signs are posted throughout the school with important reminders on how to reduce the risk for the COVID virus.
    • For more information on the facility protocol, including set up and HVAC, please visit the Building Information web page.
    • For more information on personal protective equipment and disinfecting spaces, please visit the Cleaning and PPE Protocols web page.