Placement Testing FAQ

  • Who should take the Placement Test?
    All students entering 9th grade at ETHS must take a placement test. For students currently enrolled at a District 65 school, placement testing will take place at their District 65 school. For students enrolled at a non-District 65 school, placement testing will be offered at District 202. To RSVP for MAP Placement Testing for Non-District 65 students, submit this form. Students will be placed in high school classes using placement test results, past course enrollment, grades/measures of academic progress, and recommendations from middle school teachers.

    When and where does the Placement Test take place?
    MAP testing is available most Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:15 am. While the test is untimed, the estimated time for completing the test is about 2-3 hours. To schedule a time for testing RSVP by submitting this form.

    What should my child bring to the Placement Test?
    Students should dress comfortably. Rules prohibit personal calculators, and electronic devices (including cell phones, MP3 players, and cameras) at the testing site. No money is required to take this test.

    What Placement Test will my child be taking?
    Your child will be taking the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Test. The test includes the sub-areas of mathematics and reading. The results allow us to make initial assessments of your child’s skills and abilities. This information may be used to determine eligibility for recommended placement in academic support programs, such as AVID or DSTM.

    What about students with accommodations?
    For non-district 65 students taking the exam at ETHS, students seeking to test with accommodations need to provide the accommodations page from the student’s formal IEP, 504 Plan, or formal documentation supporting test accommodations. Please contact the RTI/PBIS & Testing Coordinator at to provide documentation.

    What should the students do to prepare for the placement test?
    The best way for students to prepare for this test is to do well in their classes and continue to learn the skills and concepts covered in their eighth-grade subjects. Getting a full night of sleep and eating a healthy breakfast on the morning of the test will help students do their best work on the test.

    What do I do if I have questions concerning the MAP Placement Test?
    Please contact the ETHS RTI/PBIS & Testing Coordinator at (847) 424-7085.

    When will I get the results of the MAP Placement Test?
    For non-district 65 students, the MAP placement test results will be emailed to you within one month of the test date.

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