ETHS Course Placement Process

  • All incoming freshmen are required to take a placement test (MAP) for Humanities (English & history), biology, mathematics, and world languages (if applicable). Placement decisions are based on the results of these tests, recommendations from eighth grade teachers, grades or measures of academic progress, and current course enrollment.

    Questions? Please contact the department chair of the specific academic department or the New Student Transition Coordinator.

    Humanities (English & History) and Biology Placement

    The Humanities placement process is determined according to D202 Board policy. Students who demonstrate reading proficiency on a Board-approved assessment (i.e., MAP Reading) will be placed in 1 Humanities English, 1 Humanities History, and can elect to take Biology.

    As outlined in the "Graduation Requirements" section of the Course Request Guide, students who demonstrate the need for support in reading (MAP RIT score of 219 or below) on the MAP Reading assessment will be assigned to a reading support their freshman year.

    Students with RIT scores between 219-210 on the MAP Reading assessment will be placed in 1 Humanities English, 1 Humanities History, Freshman Reading, and may be eligible to request Transdisciplinary Biology. 

    Students with RIT scores 209 and below on the MAP Reading assessment will be placed in 1 Humanities English with Support, 1 Humanities History with Support, and Reading Support.

    Questions should be directed to English, History/Social Science, or Science Department Chair.

    Mathematics Placement

    The mathematics placement process includes global persistence indicators (grades or indicators of academic progress), personal indicators (teacher recommendations and current course enrollment), and standardized test data (MAP). Please note that ETHS does not require a mathematics content specific placement exam.

    • Core course grades or indicators of academic progress
    • Conversation with principal
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Map Score

    Math Placement Criteria:

    Students currently taking Algebra:

    Completion of Algebra, MAP score = 237 or higher - Geometry placement

    Completion of Algebra, MAP score = 231-236 - Geometry w/Support placement

    Completion of Algebra, MAP score 201-230 and Any Math - 1 Algebra placement

    Completion of Algebra, MAP score ≤200 and Any Math - Pre-Algebra placement

    Students currently taking Geometry or Geometry H or Advanced Geometry Honors (ETHS and Middle School):

    MAP score = 241 or higher, B or better in current Geometry class - Advanced 2 Algebra Honors placement

    MAP score = 241 or higher, grade of B- or below in current Geometry - 2 Algebra Regular or Geometry placement

    Questions should be directed to Mathematics Department Chair.

    World Languages Placement

    The World Languages placement process is based on a combination of factors that include:

    • language history
    • home language
    • current grade in World Language class
    • teacher recommendation
    • results of the world language content specific placement test
    • Additional information provided on the teacher recommendation form (specific academic strengths, living overseas, etc.) is also considered 

    Questions should be directed to World Language/Bilingual Department Chair.

    Elective Course Request

    The placement for Career & Technical Education and Fine Arts courses is requested by the student and family through their course requests at Course Request Night. Families will have the option to determine Regular or Honors level courses while selecting their list of course requests. For the majority of courses there are no placement testing prerequisites.

    Questions should be directed to Career & Technical Education or Fine Arts Department Chair.

    Physical Education Placement

    All students are required to take 7 semesters of physical education and 1 semester of wellness. 1 Physical Education is a required, year-long course that is separated by student gender. There are no placement testing prerequisites.

    Questions should be directed to Physical Education/Wellness Department Chair.

    Academic Support Placement

    The academic support program placement process includes grades (or indicators of academic progress), teacher recommendations, and standardized test data (MAP). Each program outlines specific student criteria and program expectations.

    Academic Support program coordinators utilize student criteria in collaboration with the ETHS Placement Team to determine final program eligibility.

    Questions should be directed to the AVID or DSTM Coordinator.


    All course request and placement information is communicated to 8th grade families via mail before the end of March and confirmed via mail in June.

    For more information on placement testing please visit the Placement Testing webpage.

    For more information on registration please visit the Registration webpage.