Free & Reduced Price Meal Application

  • The Free and Reduced Priced Meal Program is available to assist families during times of financial hardship. A new Free and Reduced Price Meal Application must be completed and submitted each year prior to the deadline listed below. Students who live in eligible households may eat school breakfast and lunch meal free or at the reduced cost. In addition, households that are eligible for free or reduced price meals will receive a fee waiver for their annual ETHS school fees.

    To apply for free or reduced price meals and receive a school fee waiver at ETHS for the upcoming school year, you must complete the online Free and Reduced Price Meal Application. Filling out this application is the only way to receive a reduction in annual school fees. Even if a student is in off-campus placement, you should apply for this program if you believe you qualify.

    Free and Reduced Price Meal Application will be available online beginning July 23, 2018 and must be submitted by August 9, 2018. The meal application must be completed online. Paper applications will not be accepted. If you need computer access, computer stations are available in the Welcome Center (E112). For more information on Welcome Center resources or hours, visit the Welcome Center web page

    Please remember that each household must submit a new Free and Reduced Price Meal Application each school year. This is a household application, so please submit only one (1) application per entire family/household and list all high school age students in the household on one application. If a student receives SNAP or TANF benefits and received in the mail a bright orange eligibility certificate for school meals you will not need to complete the online meal application as the eligibility certificate entitles your student to free meals. This certificate will be sent to the eligible households for the 2018-2019 school year no later than July 20, 2018.

    To apply, click here:

    To review the status of your meal application, click here: School Lunch Status

    For questions, please contact the ETHS Nutrition Services Department at (847) 424-7225.

Fee Waivers

  • If your child(ren) are eligible to receive free or reduced price meals through the Free and Reduced Priced Meal Program application process, the full annual school fees will be waived and you will only be responsible for paying an activity fee of $25.00 per student. You may apply for the Free and Reduced Priced Meal Program at any time without penalty after the application is open, but school fee waivers will be prorated based on the date you submit your application.

    Full payment of annual school fees is expected and due by the August 17 fee payment deadline. A $25.00 activity fee is due by the August 17  payment deadline for each student that is eligible for free/reduced price meals or that receives TANF/SNAP benefits.  

    A $30 late fee will be added to any annual school fee payment received after the August 17, 2018. Any student household that completes the Free and Reduced Priced Meal Program application online by August 9, 2018 will not be assessed a late fee, whether or not the application is approved.

    Eligibility in one year does not guarantee future fee waiver eligibility; therefore, the Free and Reduced Priced Meal Program Application must be completed annually, or a TANF/SNAP eligibility certificate must be received, to determine if a family is eligible for a fee waiver. Any fees accumulated from past school years are still owed.

    If you need further information concerning waiver of school fees please contact the Student Accounts Office at (847) 424-7110.