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  • We’ve gone meatless on Mondays! Evanston Township High School D202 and Evanston/ Skokie D65 Nutrition Services have moved to Meatless Mondays in all of their serving areas. This city-wide effort will enable our students and school staff to make healthier choices when eating – as well as improve the health of the planet. Meatless Monday is a science-based public health initiative associated with Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Its goal is to reduce chronic preventable diseases by encouraging less consumption of meat. Having adapted Meatless Monday, we are:

    Demonstrating industry leadership. We’ve joined hundreds of other forward-thinking foodservice operations that are guiding the U.S. towards a healthier, more sustainable food system.

    Promote healthy habits. Choosing not to eat meat on Monday can lead to making healthier food decisions throughout the week, according to studies. Furthermore, helping students establish a nutritious diet now is a healthy habit that could last a lifetime.

    Reducing environmental impact. Decreasing meat consumption just one day a week results in a significant reduction of our carbon footprint.

    Meatless Mondays: A Timely Idea that Started 100 Years Ago

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