College Bound Student Athletes

  • Students who are interested in learning more about the requirements needed to play sports at the college level are encouraged to speak with their counselor, coaches, advisors, and parents/guardians.

    ETHS is piloting a new program to review student-athletes' academic eligibility status for college athletics. To access your free report, fill out the ETHS Student Data Release Form. Once completed, students can expect to receive their report within a few weeks. An updated report will also be sent after each term. 

    For additional information, please email College Bound Student-Athlete Advisor Joyce Anderson, naqrefbawb@rguf.x12.vy.hf. To make an appointment, complete the Appointment Request form

    Did you know...

    • Division II provides one championship opportunity for every seven athletes, the highest championship access ratio in the NCAA.
    • Division III has the highest graduation rate among athletes.