Communicating With Coaches

  • More questions you might ask a college coach
    It's important to remember that you are evaluating the school and the coach at the same time he/she is evaluating you.  This is a person who you will be in close contact with for potentially 4-5 years. Research his/her coaching style by watching a practice and a game.

    • Does the team have an academic advisor?
    • What is off-court/field training like?
    • What is off-season like. Is there an "off-season?"
    • Where do I stand on your recruiting board?
    • What is the recruiting timeline?
    • When should I come for a visit?
    • e. when is a good time of year, what day of the week, if unofficial what age?
    • Am I under consideration for financial aid?
    • What is team chemistry like?
    • What is housing like?
    • Typical day for your athletes? What time do we practice - in and out of season?
    • Do practices ever interfere with specific major I'm interested in?
    • Do your players ever go abroad during the year or in the summer? Do players have time to get internships?
    • When should we speak again?
    • What are the next steps?
    • Is there anything else you need from me to further evaluate me?
    • Don't be afraid to learn more about the coach's personal life
    • When considering competing schools, be careful of stating absolutes, but it's good to be upfront - coaches talk to each other!

    To view additional questions, visit NCAA Questions to ask when choosing a college.

    Potential questions a coach may ask you

    • Why do you want to go here?
    • Be specific and personal. "Because you have good academics" is not a good answer.
    • How do you picture your college experience?
    • What are your strengths/weaknesses?
    • What are you working on?
    • The coach wants to know you haven't peaked and you have a plan to continue improving.
    • What have you improved on in the the past few years?
    • What are your athletic and academic goals - short term and long term?