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    If I can’t get a scholarship to play sports in college, I’m not good enough to play sports in college. FALSE

    If I can’t get a scholarship to play sports in college, it’s a waste of time. FALSE 

    • Employers value college athletes for their discipline, work ethic, focus, teamwork, ability to multi-task and time management skills.
    • Sports can help you get into a college you may not get into otherwise.
    • Sports are valued extracurricular activities that can help students excel academically and socially in a new environment.
    • See Reasons to Play Sports in College

    I’m getting recruited for sports, so I don’t need good grades or test scores. FALSE

    • Being recruited for college athletics doesn’t guarantee admission to college.
    • Most college athletic programs have strict academic requirements for eligibility.
    • Strong grades and test scores reflect preparation for academic success in college.
    • See Recruiting Overview

    My grades are good enough for high school competition, so they are fine for college. FALSE 

    • NCAA Divisions I and II require a min GPA in "CORE" Courses PLUS a matching ACT/SAT score on a sliding scale.
      • A core course must:
        • Be an academic course in one or a combination of these areas:
          • English, mathematics, natural/physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion or philosophy;
        • Be four-year college preparatory; and
        • Be taught at or above your high school’s regular academic level (no remedial courses, those taught at a slower pace or those that cover less content).
        • See ETHS NCAA Course List
        • See Eligibility Overview and NCAA Quick Reference Guide for minimum GPA and test scores required.

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